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A-Levels needed for Midwifery?

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    I'm in year 11 and choosing my A-Levels right now. I'm thinking of going into either social work or into midwifery.
    I just want some advice on my choices and whether or not they'd be suitable for the career choice I want to make (probably midwifery).
    I want to do sociology, psychology, health and social care, art. I'm choosing art as the subject I drop because I've always enjoyed it and I don't see the point in having to drop an important subject after the AS level. (or whatever the first year is called)
    Would these subjects be suitable for midwifery and/or social care?
    If not, could I have some suggestions for what would be better?
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    Good subjects, but maybe biology or human biology would be a good choice instead of sociology... it just might be more appropriate... but its down to you, if you think your going to enjoy what you think you want to pick then go for it and good luck

    and i dont think unis are too fussed about what exact subjects you have just as long as you can demonstrate potential and hard work
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    I'm doing Biology, Psychology and English Lang A Levels, and dropped Maths after AS. I have an offer to study midwifery at Nottingham this September

    The subjects you're choosing are good, especially Health and Psychology. However, i think you should consider taking Biology or Human Biology. At the moment most unis do not specify you have to have a science, although some do, and i think in a few years when you do apply they will probably want you to have a science. It's a very competitive course and entry requirements are increasing every year!! xx
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    Universities like to see a science subject such as biology as well as english language at a level.
    Also many universities will take into account at what you got at as level in the subject you dropped, as you can have this taken into account on your entry requirement- do well at as level to increase your chances of getting a place at university.
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    I think I'll do biology instead of art and drop sociology at AS, since I've done that since GCSE anyway thanks for the advice


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Updated: February 24, 2012
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