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Waiting to hear back from strathclyde university ..

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    (Original post by ConnorM405)
    Yeah, I'm the same, i recieved my offer on the 3rd and it hasn't updated yet When did you get your offer?
    Hi I got mine in the mail last Wednesday. Its my last offer but I want to wait till its on track before I reply to my offers.
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    (Original post by whylime)
    My offer has still not appeared in track. Is anyone else in the same position?
    I received my offer last Monday but it has still not updated on track yet!
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    (Original post by ScottishShortiex)
    I received my offer last Monday but it has still not updated on track yet!
    Strathclyde seem to do this with their offers, it must just be the system that they use. I didn't get my offer for EEE over a week after they told me I had one. Chill. :cool: It's not a mistake.
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    My offer just updated on Track...FIRM!!
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    (Original post by ScottishShortiex)
    My offer just updated on Track...FIRM!!
    Same mine updated on track yesterday, and I'll be firming it as soon as I have a reply from my last uni
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    My offer updated yesterday too
    It will definitely be my firm

    So to all of you going to strathclyde in september, hopefully i will see you there

    and if you aren't good luck with your other uni's
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    Also have any of you lot applied for chemistry/chemical physics at glasgow?

    A few people i know have had unsuccessfuls but i haven't heard yet, hoping thats a good thing!!!
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    Thought I would just say that i hope everyone's exams have went well and that everyone gets the their conditions
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    (Original post by ScottishShortiex)
    Just got an unconditional today for Chemistry with Drug Discovery. Hope you all hear some good news soon. Good luck to you all.
    That's what I was want to do...what were your exam marks?
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    (Original post by jellytotsx)
    That's what I was want to do...what were your exam marks?
    For my highers in 5th year I got AAAAA then in 6th year I had AAB in Int 2 Spanish, Advanced Higher Chemistry and Advanced Higher Maths respectively.
    I applied during my gap year so got an unconditional as I already had the grades

    I'm only in first year, but if you need/want any information about chemistry with drug discovery or just about first year chemistry in general, feel free to PM me or quote for a reply


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Updated: March 7, 2013
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