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has anyone ever met any Footballers?

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    I've met David James and Steffen Iversen out and about in the past - both very down-to-earth guys.

    I also used to have a signed photo of David Seaman, though I don't know where that's gone... :erm:
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    (Original post by Ricky`1)
    i met patrick kluivert the week he signed for us, just walking around the local wildlife area with a coach

    Met Tino Asprilla (sort of). It was the week he signed for Newcastle (95-96 season), I was in the trophy room of St James' and he walked in with his agent and some club reps, I said hello, he looked embarrased and was ushered out the door immediately.

    Saw Bobby Charlton in Glossop back in 2007, or at least I'm certain it was him, but didn't have the courage to say hello.

    My father used to see Bryan Robson cleaning his boots outside his house in Prudhoe, Northumberland (this was during the early part of his career). But I think he's lying, or mistaken, as I see no reason why Bryan Robson would live in Prudhoe (or anywhere in Northumberland) when he was brought up in Co. Durham and joined West Brom as a trainee. He's not really into football (my father, not Robson :p: ) and, due to Robson's then young age, I'm surpised he recognised him even if he saw him. He gets confused, bless him.

    Oh, I was a friend of a friend of Alun Armstrong (for all you Stockport and Ipswich fans) :p:
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    Met Steve Bruce in Barcelona in the street right after the 99 final. Told me it was past my bed time.
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    played with zizou :^_^:

    Also Gignac use to drink some beers at a local pub, but i don't really know if he is counted as a footballer..
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    Ricardo Carvalho at Heathrow Airport, and he had a broken arm lol but he was quite nice and I took a photo with him
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    Seen a few on nights out, always when im drunk so i always chat **** to them and get a picture
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    Met loads of Aston Villa players over the years, Gareth Southgate, Ugo Egiogu, David James, Alpay, Juan Pablo Angel, David Ginola, Darius Vassell, Lee Hendrie, Peter Schmeichel, Gareth Barry, Dion Dublin, Paul Merson, Olof Mellberg, Martin Laursen & more.

    I remember one time Gareth Southgate was arriving at Villa Park prematch signing autographs, and he came to me and I hid my book behind my back because I already had his. He looked really bemused. I was about 7 >.<

    More recently Shay Given, Nathan Delfouneso and a couple of youth team players (Daniel Johnson and Graham Burke)

    My dad met Kevin Phillips at Birmingham airport a couple of weeks ago.
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    I've met Gardener who played/plays (not sure if he does now but did at the time) for Birmingham City. He asked me for directions to the local sports centre. I literally didn't have a clue who he was - my friends, who i was with at the time, told me after i'd spoke to him.
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    I want to meet balotelli dont even watch football but this guys a legend!
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    Work at a rugby stadium where Liverpool reserves played so seen a few...not that I would recognise them without my staff going "OHMYGOD, you just served Alonso/other random footballer?!"
    Him and Tevez are the two that I remember them going mental about...I've wandered through the changing rooms that many times I've probably seen about 50 players, but unfortunately, they don't have names printed on underwear so I can't tell you who xD
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    Sergio Ramos. Got an autograph from when he went to a press conference in Bucharest for the match Steaua-Real Madrid.
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    Met the 'legendary' Trevor Sinclair when he came to my primary school.
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    Adriano, Alves, Mascherano, Pato, Robinho, among others.
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    My dad met Peter Beardsley in a local corner shop in Newcastle back when he used to play for Newcastle
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    I've met Gerrard and Carragher (sp?) when I was 12 on an enterprise day at Anfield. They were presenting prizes and our team came third so got to have a chat to them at the awards. I didn't appreciate it at the time, I wish I'd been a little bit older!
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    Sócrates came to my primary school when I was in p3 and did a football workshop with a load of us.

    I had his autograph somewhere, was looking for it recently, don't know what happened to it.
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    I was pretending to be a tramp outside a casino and some black guy gave me a grand. :smug: Apparently he was a footballer :dontknow:
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    Met most of the Swansea squad (and Sam Ricketts) last year, casually having a drink and a chat with them. I was in an area of the club reserved for the team, they just thought I was one of the youth team players, which I was quite happy to go along with as I'm a massive swans fan :cool:

    Also my hero former, Swans legend and Bristol City player Lee Trundle is a regular in the shop I work in, always has a chat.
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    Met theo walcott outside the emirates after a stadium tour. god knows what he was doing
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    Eirik Bakke, after launching the linchpin of a gazebo in to his garden...
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