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Best Online Makeup Shops?

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    Im feeling lazy, and carnt be bothered walking around countless shop finding what i want. Online shopping is much easier but im not sure where to go (apart from boots and superdrug)

    Anybody got any suggestions of online makeup sites?
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    LilyLolo.co.uk (mineral makeup)
    Feelunique.com *
    ASOS *
    Lookfantastic.com *
    Strawberrynet.com *
    Zuneta.com (for harder to find luxury cosmetics like Edward Bess)

    The ones marked with * above all have free shipping.

    Most major cosmetics brands have online stores on their websites, usually if you subscribe to their e-newsletters they will send you offers/codes from time to time (e.g. for free shipping). Good ones to try: MAC, Bobbi Brown, NARS.

    Most major department stores also sell cosmetics online. Debenhams do free delivery to Beauty Club members and deliver instore free, House of Fraser do free delivery to store.
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    ^ Thankss! thats very helpful :3
    gonna go check them out.....and then finally get back to law revision lool
    thank you again
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    Also, in case you are unsure of which shades would suit you, here are two invaluable sources of information:

    1) Makeup Alley product reviews
    It's free to sign up and they have reviews of literally millions of products.

    2) Temptalia's foundation matrix. If you know your MAC foundation shade, this will tell you what your foundation shade is for pretty much any brand.
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    (Original post by NatashaLee)
    ^ Thankss! thats very helpful :3
    gonna go check them out.....and then finally get back to law revision lool
    thank you again
    No worries. Can you tell I buy way too much makeup online?
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    haha, its good to be clued up about such things tho ;D
    thanks for all you're help, you've been amazing
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    I've only ever used tried E.L.F for online makeup shopping.... I can't say the quality was that great. Depends what you are looking for I suppose. I like their nail varnish though, it went on nice and easily
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    Definatly elf, the quality can be a bit hit & miss but some of the stuff is really good for the price. Especially the face primer, mascara primer & HD face powder. Big fan of the studio line of brushes & the mineral lipsticks too.

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    http://www.fragrancedirect.co.uk/ sell well known brands at a discount. I've ordered from them a few times and the products aren't out of date or anything .
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    watch out for fakes and shop rejects!
    feels unique, lovemakeup and lookfantastic are the most popular so is all i'll use
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    I only buy 'natural' makeup so I either go to:




    Both are amazing, Lily Lolo is great for powders, not tried the Sonya foundation cos I use Lily Lolo but everything else is great, it's quite high-end tho.
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    I've ordered MAC, Nars and estee lauder from cheapsmells and I've been pretty happy with what I ordered. I know people have had problems with the quality of products from buyapowa and possibly being fakes.
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    mon-dieu.co.uk is really good on its prices. They have most day to day beauty products, I usually shop through amazon or ebay but this site really changed my mind when it comes to price. The shipping is affordable with £2 delivery or free delivery over £30. I strongly recommend to check it out.
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    Beautybay.com it has tons of brands that aren't normally available m in the uk (like zoeva) and also gives fast and free shipping

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