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Anyone done work experience with Northumbria Police?

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    I'm in third year studying psychology at Northumbria and wish to pursue a career in forensic psychology. I've applied to do a masters at Teesside and have volunteer experience in a prison. I recently applied to do a weeks work experience with Northumbria Police which was approved for March.

    On the application form it asked which department I would prefer, and I specified none but indicated my career plans and assumed that I would be given some sort of admin work. When the confirmation letter arrived, it said I had been placed within the dog section and also had one days work doing self-defence and first aid. I'm not really interested in any of these departments and don't think they relate to my career plans so I phoned them to ask if I could change. The lady said I was very lucky to have been selected for this experience and that these were the only departments available, so I agreed to do it.

    I'm not a dog person, never mind learning self-defence so I'm wondering if anyone else has done similar experience so I know what to expect. I really want to do it because it will look good on my CV, but if it involves a lot of physical work etc I'm not sure what to think. Can anyone help?
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Updated: January 28, 2012
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