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If you could pick any character from a film to go out with, who would it be?

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    Personally, my dream date would be Maverick from Top Gun. :love:
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    I'd go for Carl from The Boat that Rocked. :lovedup:

    <3 x
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    Lara Croft
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    Daisy Duke from Dukes of Hazzard God Jessica Simpson was so unbelievably sexy

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    Eric Northman
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    Lisbeth Salander from Fincher's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
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    (Original post by Bill_Gates)
    Angelina Jolie!
    I don't think you know what a character is
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    William Killick from The Edge of Love... or Han Solo from Star Wars.
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    Julie from Julie and julia (Amy Adams character dunno her last name)
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    Selene from Underworld.

    Kate beckinsale in tight, gothic leather.... :drool:
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    Voldemort just for laughs.
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    Aragon from Lord of the Rings
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    Martin Blank (from Grosse Point Blank)

    Even though he's a trained killer, there's something very alluring about him... :yep:
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    gANDALF :sexface:
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    Jack sarrow <3
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    Mr Darcy :sexface:
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    Willy Wonka
    Mmmm chocolate factory
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    Jack Taylor - George Clooney from One Fine Day
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    Meagan good from biker boyz....forgotten the name of the character she played


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