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C3 Jan 2012 Edexcel - Post exam discussion - Solutions and paper in first post

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    Reasonable paper I thought


    Jan C3 boundaries have been fairly consistent in recent years; 61, 59, 60

    I would say Jan 11 (61) was the most challenging of the 3.

    I think Jan 12 was significantly easier than Jan 11, so I can only think that the boundaries will increase

    My best guess is....

    75 = 100UMS
    69 = 90UMS
    63 = 80UMS
    57 = 70UMS
    50 = 60UMS
    43 = 50 UMS
    36 = 40UMS
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  2. File Type: pdf 12 Jan C3 Model.pdf (919.9 KB, 22059 views)
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    thanks arsey
    what you think the grade boundary will be?
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    for q1 if i forgot to simplify how many marks would i lose
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    Will I lose a mark for leaving my answer as 28 minutes (to the nearest minute)
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    I think I got a high B or a low A ><
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    Got time = 27.7 for the one question but didn't add it on to midday :/ grrr.
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    oh yeah 1 mark off
    domain of f^-1(x)

    74/75 done
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    If I put 2 extra solutions for question 5, am I likely to be marked down?
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    Thank you! 75/75 if 28 minutes past midday is allowed lol.
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    75/75 reemo
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    What's your guestimates for grade boundaries?

    Made a stupid mistake on the second differntiation question and a couple of others :facepalm2:
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    (Original post by annagoesbroom)
    If I put 2 extra solutions for question 5, am I likely to be marked down?
    Think so
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    Concurred with the model answers on all questions, guessing a slightly above average grade boundary since a couple were trickier than usual.
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    Arsey - do you think there will be any mark lost for putting that t= 28 minutes to the nearest minute instead of 12:28 as an actual 24h time? Otherwise full marks!
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    74... Damn, 12.28, what a cursed time!
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    For the normal to the curve, i got the correct x coordinate, the right dy/dx in terms of y but somehow worked the gradient out as -1/2 not -8. After that i made an equation using that gradient. How many marks will i have lost?

    Got everything else right except the domain, i didn't know what was going on :P
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    Thanks Arsey Just confirmed my suspicions that I mess up Q8 but very very surprised but happy to find out that I got that 10 marker right Few silly mistakes... time in minutes thing... but other than that alright.
    Grade boundary predictions would me greatly appreciated if possible!
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    Not too bad


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