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In 10 years time...I see myself....

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    Not in this broke ass country :awesome:
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    Hopefully finished my MSc and PhD in economics.

    I'll be glad to be alive at the time. By God's grace.
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    World's most renowned pornstar!!
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    just with more posts on TSR :ashamed2:
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    Either extremely successful or deep in the ****. I know which one I'm tending towards atm.
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    Stoned. Bored. Waiting for the weekend.
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    Hopefully teaching in a country faaaar away from this one. New Zealand or Canada maybe..
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    I want to see an end to world hunger.
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    Playing FIFA 22 like a boss
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    ...in Australia
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    (Original post by weirdnessandcoffee)
    Where does everyone want to see themselves in 10 years time?
    In 10 years time I see myself breathing oxygen.
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    Im going to have an affair with Queen Kate, then have a fight with William when he founds out, once I've killed him I'll end up in a newly developed prison for deprived Welsh people with one foot slightly bigger than the other.
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    Hmm hopefully have a job.
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    (Original post by Death.)
    Still single, and masterbating to eccentric porn in my room for hours on end.
    living the dream...
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    In 10 years time, I would have liked to have had a book or two published by then. Career-wise I guess it all hinges on the success of that plan really. If I'm not making much (or any) money from writing, then I don't know what I'll be doing for a job, it remains to be seen.

    Other than that, I suppose family-wise I'll be in the same position I'm in now, except that my kids will be 16, 14, and 12 (scary thought!). I suppose I'll still be married and living in the same house. I'll be 38. Yikes.
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    In the middle of nowhere!
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    Job in the field of my degree, in a long-term relationship at the time.
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    Hopefully I'll be a qualified solicitor or have a training contract at least
    Also have a deposit on a house or a least be living with my boyfriend in rented accom
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    At this moment and time?

    Skiving work to have sex with a colleague in the basement, before getting ready for a night out, putting on a size ten dress..

    Reality - I'll probably be doing as I am right now, planning my next diet and sitting ploughing through textbooks on Malaysian tribes whilst wailing to "All By Myself"
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    With a steady career with plenty of opportunities to move up the ladder, settled down and perhaps planning but not starting just yet, a little family. In an IDEAL world!!!

    Realistically I just hope I have a job at all, and someone who I love


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