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In 10 years time...I see myself....

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    Stable job, married and kids. Well that's what I hope anyway!
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    (Original post by abc:))
    With a steady career with plenty of opportunities to move up the ladder, settled down and perhaps planning but not starting just yet, a little family. In an IDEAL world!!!

    Realistically I just hope I have a job at all, and someone who I love
    Posted at exactly the same time! Looks like we both have the same ambitions!
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    My fiance and I will be married by then and hopefully I'll have completed my PhD and we'll be living in Florida. I also really hope my all of my cats will still be alive I'm really sad now I've thought they might not be here *cry*
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    What I want is to immigrate a nice country and have a great job and live happily but it wont happen the way I want right. I cant even pass in one A level subject so how can it is possible, if hard work makes anything possible than it should work for me because I work super hard.
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    With a degree and masters in mathematics and a phd in theoretical physics. At least that's the aim!
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    Living in the woods with twenty cats. I'll manage to somehow grow a beard (despite girl hormones) and mutter to myself as I scratch shapes into the ground
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    Oh and in my own house with a girlfriend etc etc xD
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    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    Lmao.. this reminds me..

    Simon Cowell: Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

    John and Edward: Well I see myself being older..
    For quoting them, you are hereby sentenced to death.
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    With AT LEAST 3 more green gems...
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    I see myself... scuba diving off Australia's Great Barrier Reef or perhaps taking a trans-siberian railway from Moscow to Beijing
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    Being a solicitor ....maybe ....hopefully
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    (Original post by weirdnessandcoffee)
    Where does everyone want to see themselves in 10 years time?

    I think...I'll want to be travelling the world
    :rolleyes: graduated, hopefully the manager by 10 years, married, kids, big house, nice car, and a couple of surgeries done by then i.e. nose job, lip augmentation.
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    The dream: to have published at least one novel.

    Reality: I reckon that I'll be a total failure, rocking back and forth whispering: 'I could'a been a somebody.'

    As you can tell, the glass is half empty to me.
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    Doin' your mom, doin' doin' your mommm !!!!
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    I hope to be a qualified dentist running my own practices both in uk and abroad for under privileged people, married, lots of kids! A farm for all the neglected animals I seem to keep bringing home and I hope all my horses are still alive and living at home with me so not much then really!

    But most of all I just hope to be alive,well and loved by my friends and family, that's all that really matters
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    no idea, don't even know what country I'll be in.
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    Married, Living life to the fullest and being happy .... ohh and successful hehe
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    Graduated from a Clinical Psychology Doctorate, married, kids, with our own house, a car each for me and the husband (now boyfriend), and work in the local hospital, secure hospital or youth offending institute as a Forensic Clinical Psychologist.

    I can dream!

    Most importantly, I will have mastered the art of cooking. :coma:
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    (Original post by tehforum)
    Be 10 years older.

    I have no clue.
    line stealer


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Updated: April 20, 2012
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