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AQA chemistry Unit 2 Thursday 26th January

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    (Original post by PoorLoser)
    I put "Filtration or evaporation (Crystallisation)" for that..

    They'll probably take off a mark for saying both lol :P

    although in previous mark schemes they say "Ignore" instead of "Negate a mark"

    So, hopefully, I'll get a mark
    Lol I put crystalisation because I couldn't remember filtration. I was sitting there like what's the one beginning with f? But it's better putting something instead of nothing :P
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    (Original post by Leelad)
    Anyone else open the paper, see the experiment question and think 'oh ****, here we go again'?
    Uh huh, exactly what I did, I was preparing myself for more "How Science Works" questions with a I'm so going to fail expression, but I guess AQA didn't let the same person who wrote the biology write this exam. Much to my relief!
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    I did the same as some others - revised the ENTIRE spec. for Biology, was getting 100UMS in the past papers, and then got into the actual exam and just flopped completely :mad:
    Conversely, with Chemistry I revised for what? 1.5 hours? And felt the exam went way better.
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    Anyone here doing Physics 2moz?
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    grade boundaries?
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    Grade boundaries
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    do we still need to know about the haber process/equilibrium? still part of our spec???????


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Updated: January 20, 2013
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