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London College of Fashion - Fashion styling& photography or Fashion Photography

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    I completely forgot to reply back to this thread (just got an email which reminded me)
    I got an unconditional offer too about 2 weeks ago
    I'm so excited! I accepted the offer, has everyone else? x
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    Hey guys I accepted my offer for the FdA fashion styling and photography and i'd like to know a few familiar faces before arriving in sept so if anyone wants to add me on fb then don't hesitate to get in touch!
    Si il y a des français qui prennent ce stage et qui veulent m'ajouter sur facebook n’hésitez pas a me contacter par mp !

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    Do you happen to know how many places are offered at the BA Hons Fashion Photography courses?
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    Hi everyone
    Was just wondering if anyone who has accepted BA Fashion Photography has Facebook?
    How did they find the interview, what did you put in your portfolio, will you be living in halls.. etc?

    Sarah x
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    Hey everyone
    Just wondering who has DEFINATELY accepted a place on the BA Fashion Photography?
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    (Original post by claudiuberechet)
    Do you happen to know how many places are offered at the BA Hons Fashion Photography courses?
    50 places, 25 for UK students, 25 for international students.

    I will be one of the UK students
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    I am applying this year to BA Fashion Photography ...and was wondering how you guys that got in found the experience? Is it worth it? Would anyone be willing to look at my photos and tell me if I have a chance?
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    I had my interview for Foundation in Styling and Photography on the 22nd of Feb and have just been accepted!

    I have now begun to look for accommodation and the closest is the Comedy Store, I then read
    Further Education (FdA) Students

    Due to contract restrictions, Further Education students will only be allocated to the following halls:
    • Woodland Court
    • Furzedown Student Village
    • Cordwainers Court
    • Don Gratton House
    • Will Wyatt Court
    • Brooke Hall (limited places available)
    • Bernard Myers House (limited places available)

    All the other locations are at least 40 minutes travel on the tube?

    Is there anyone else in the same position, or know if this is right?

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    anyone from here is going to study architecture or any other thing in London next year? AA, UCL, Imperial College.. and will be looking for a shared house ?
    because I'm quite worried about it, I would like to find a cool place with nice people and I think it would be better if we can find us before!!!

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    I have just accepted my offer for FdA Photography & Styling!

    Be nice to see some familiar faces, add me on facebook

    [Mod note: Please use private messages to exchange contact details]

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    (Original post by sarahdaisy)
    Hey everyone
    Just wondering who has DEFINATELY accepted a place on the BA Fashion Photography?
    I have just accepted today!


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