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Biggest fear when starting uni?

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    (Original post by Lyde)
    I'm worried that I will still be able to be a good enough mum to my children, even though I will be studying and working part-time. I want a better future for us, but I don't want them to suffer as a consequence.

    I think I will be doing a lot of housework in the middle of the night
    I think your very inspiring for still going to uni! I really do hope you and your family all the best
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    (Original post by jgibson18)
    I think your very inspiring for still going to uni! I really do hope you and your family all the best
    Thank you I'm mortified that I've just negged you completely by accident, damn phone! I'll pos rep your post earlier to balance it out
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    My biggest worry right now is not getting in!!

    My second is that my flatmates are rubbish. I sorta assumed that they'd be like my mates already, and then it hit me, i could get right hubknobs living with me
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    Not making any friends.

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    I think that anyone who says they weren't scared of;

    A. Having no friends
    B. Failing your course
    C. Being broke

    must be lying ^^
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    (Original post by Dbrown18)
    ... My second is that my flatmates are rubbish. I sorta assumed that they'd be like my mates already, and then it hit me, i could get right hubknobs living with me
    ****in' A man. I'm looking forward to having a ridiculously social time at Uni, but then I worry that my flatmates will be anything from introverts to some odd type of straight-edge/vegan/anti-fun protester.

    I'm also a bit worried about the subject content just being above my level of understanding. Obviously most of us had that fear going into AS and A2, but... I dunno, it just seems like University work will be different, especially if the support system is drastically different to college ones.
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    - being put into flats with all 18yr olds who have only gone thier to get smashed 200% of the time therefore probably distracting me and aiding me in failing...

    - that everyone is shagging everyone lol. ( going up with girlfriend )

    - course is going to be too difficult ( coming from a HNC )

    - my biggest fear is i wont be able to fit all my turntables etc and that it will get damaged
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    My biggest fear was geeky flatmates... but then i ended up with a bunch of them..
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    I am absolutely terrified of not getting on with my flatmates and just the general food situation :P Glad to see other people feel the same and its not just me! Thank you to the creator of this page! x
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    (Original post by orka)
    Mine is that I will not make any friends.. :cry2::cry2::cry2: and that I find the workload too much.
    how did it turn out?
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    - Not doing well at the course/not liking it
    - Being in a flat with "quiet" people who'll stay in all the time and judge me for my drinking habits.
    - Being in a flat with people who share my drinking habits but who will intimidate me with their confidence and therefore cause me to avoid them out of sheer awkwardness
    - Standing out like a sore thumb because I've been to uni already and therefore will be a year older than most people
    - Getting as homesick as I did during my last weeks of uni this year
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    *Not making friends..

    ^ Where I am going is a private college and has a total of 450 students
    (Because of the choices I made I didn't do A Levels so I am afraid I will have to work extra hard just to keep up )
    To add to that, its in Oxford which I know to be quiet? I hope it isn't too quiet though!
    Also 63% of people are mature students so have life experience....sigh

    *Also not being able to budget early on and suffering later on.
    *Being homesick ( my Mum & I are really close )
    *Hating the course because it is so intense, give up, fail, cry....
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    That I'll be so much older than everyone else - I'll be 20 or 21 when I (hopefully) start.
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    (Original post by Julii92)
    That I'll be so much older than everyone else - I'll be 20 or 21 when I (hopefully) start.
    I am like that as I have took a gap year so I be 19 when I start
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    Will I be able to survive financially?
    Will I be able to eat regularly?
    Will the workload be too much?
    Will I still have a social life?
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    Not being able to make any friends, but apparently I'm not the only one Slightly afraid that I might end up being the quiet, introverted, annoying flatmate :laugh:

    Biggest fear is, of course, the amount of times I'm going to have to spell my name or correct people and tell them my surname is NOT to be pronounced as 'weird' no, I'm not too worried to be honest, worst thing that can happen is me getting lost in a city which is 1000 times bigger than my current location, quite far away from home, without any money and unable to speak proper English.
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    Right guys, NONE of you have a thing to worry about. This September, I will be starting my second year of university. In the beginning, we all asked each other how to do things like use a washing machine and so on - it doesn't take too long at all! In the last few months, my cooking skills have gone from absolute zero to amateur, and things like using a washing machine have now really become routine without me having to think about it really. As for making friends, don't believe everyone you meet in your first week will be close to you throughout. Of course, I'm still close to 1 or 2 people, but once my course got underway, I made many new friends and am still meeting people as late as now. Now, everyone can have little disagreements from time to time, like for example whose turn it is to take the bins out or how loud music is, but nothing major really at all. If anybody has any questions, either quote this message or PM me and I will reply to you as best as I can
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    (Original post by Sophieburgon)
    I am like that as I have took a gap year so I be 19 when I start
    Trust me that isn't old at all. In fact there aren't as many 18 year olds as you may think. A fair proportion of my friends are all 19, 20 even mid-20s. Some people on my course are even past 40, so you really have nothing to worry about at all Everyone is in the same boat, believe it or not.
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    It's not making any friends for me too. Slightly reassured I am not the only one!

    I'm not a really loud person is the problem, even my mum was like...I wonder how you'll make friends, since you hardly talk!

    Oh and coping with the workload/university pressures . I'm more nervous and anxious than anything tbh
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    I'll be 17 when I start, so i'm worried I won't be able to go out and socialise during freshers week etc since I'll probably not get in anywhere


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