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Biggest fear when starting uni?

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    Terrified of not making friends. Have a really good group of friends at home and am scared no one will 'match up'. Guess I'll just have to be open minded.
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    Struggling with the work.
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    Missing my mum and dad, struggling to make friends (not a problem now, still convince myself it'll be a problem at uni) and navigating my way round a strange city, also never had experience with banks or loans or any of that stuff, good learning curve I suppose!
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    (Original post by jazzykinks)
    Mine was having no friends. Oh, how true that has become...
    And also getting too drunk and lying in a gutter somewhere. That hasn't happened actually; if anything, uni teaches you your limits and how to get pissed but stay safe!
    A drunk girl ALWAYS has FREE accommodation.
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    My biggest fears are living in a flat with a inch of screaming girls
    Not making friends
    Being poor
    Being to scared to tell people it's my birthday (I turn 20 the Saturday of the week I move in to halls)
    Making a show of myself when I'm drunk
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    my tummy rumbling in lectures
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    That given the chance of a totally fresh start and being the person I've always wanted to be, I'll resort to my old, quiet ways...
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    (Original post by kunoichi)
    my tummy rumbling in lectures
    That happens more often than you would think, most people don't care if the person next to them's stomach rumbles, most just pretend not to have heard it which is nice

    (Original post by Like a BAWS)
    That given the chance of a totally fresh start and being the person I've always wanted to be, I'll resort to my old, quiet ways...
    Most people don't suddenly go from being quiet to a loud-mouth as soon as they start uni. Even if gaining confidence doesn't happen instantly once you start, chances are that you'll develop it over the course of uni so don't be too disheartened if you fall into your old ways initially.
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    (Original post by Like a BAWS)
    That given the chance of a totally fresh start and being the person I've always wanted to be, I'll resort to my old, quiet ways...
    This! I hope it doesn't happen to me :no:
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    My biggest fears are having no money, not being able to run my car because I have no money so can't get to placements because I have no money to run my car and not passing the course because I couldn't get to placement because I had no money to run my car
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    I'm worried that either I won't make friends or I'll end up in a situation like I am now where I'm good at saving money but my friends are rubbish at it so I suggest a night out or going on a girls holiday in the summer but they can't afford it.
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    I'm scared of being so many miles away from my family.
    I'm worried of being "that weird kid." I'm really scared of being bullied or judged or excluded for being from Germany.
    Scared of being the only Lord of the Rings fan about.
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    Before I started I was worried about who I would be living with, whether i'd get on with them etc.

    Once i'd actually started I was so worried about being the dumbest person on my course or just generally struggling with the workload.
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    For me, it was always the fear that I wouldn't make any friends But there is seriously no way that you CANNOT make friends - freshers week pretty much takes care of that


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