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Anyone else cut their own hair?

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    I cut my own hair too, but seeing as I just buzz it, it's not very impressive.
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    (Original post by Mega0448)
    I'll try and PM you a picture tomorrow.

    I just read your previous post saying you're buying come clippers? make sure you invest in decent ones as there really is a difference in quality and reliability (If you buy cheap stuff then it's likely they will break mid-haircut!).
    Those fancy "short hair" stuff are crap as well.
    Completely agree with this. I personally use a Philips which is great. But make sure that you know that the settings of 1,2,3 etc on a home cutter won't be the same as a hairdressers 1 2 or 3.
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    I trim my fringe sometimes.
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    I cut it occasionally but over all i prefer the hairdressers.
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    I don't cut my own hair but I have cut my own fringe a couple of times and I'm planning on trimming my hair soon, I just can't afford the hairdressers tbh. If I was gonna get it styled I wouldn't do it myself though
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    I used to thin my hair out, layer it and cut my fringe, but one day my friend persuaded me to go to one of those Rush places where they cut your hair for free as a demostration. Biggest mistake of my life when they created this hideous short mushroom head ahhhhh. My hair is now just growing out and it's just above my bra strap, cant trust anyone with it at the moment .
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    i just want to point out to those who are complaining hairdressers cut too much off... thats usually because it needs that much cut off...
    i admit i dont have my hair cut often enough, but in order for my hair to be healthy and be split end free i usually NEED about 6 inches cut off... i just had about 2 off and i can tell that its still not enough for my hair to be happy boo

    i havent tried cutting my hair myself but this last time i got my mum to do it, which is almost riskier! lol
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    I've cut mine occasionally, and I think it's better to go to a hairdresser (if a girl) once a year at least, for the split ends and stuff, but for the rest of the time it's absolutely fine.

    Edit: Or a boy with long hair of course - sorry for the generalisation
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    I've had my hairdresser since I was like 10, she's great and does an awesome job at doing my hair, it's so nice after she's done it so I get mine cut every 6 weeks. I'm gonna be training to be a hairdresser in september but I don't cut my own hair, I cut my dads though
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    For those with longer hair who just want a trim: cut it by initially tipping the whole of your hair forward over your head and trimming the ends to the desired length. This means it falls properly when you fling your hair back again to hang down. Not sure why this works but I was given the tip by a hairdresser and it works well.
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    Nope, and I never would. Being dyspraxic, I KNOW that I would leave it looking dire with my dodgy co-ordination! Though saying that I avoid barbers at all costs, particularly after the silly barber ignored what I wanted and gave me something completely different back in December - I was NOT IMPRESSED that I had to pay £9.50 for that. There is however a unisex salon I've been to a few times and I would highly recommend it. It's not cheap, but you get the result you want - the reason I say it's not cheap, is because I get them to dye it as well - I would NEVER trust myself dying my own hair. I'm thinking about getting it done there at Easter and leaving it to grow until September when I return to uni, because £40 is worth it, but it is expensive considering I'm a student.
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    I tried to cut my hair once.
    I didn't leave my house for about a week.
    It was awful :facepalm:
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    You need to have guts to cut your own hair that's main thing.
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    I always cut my own hair and I've always done well. Hairdressers always **** my hair up and cut it too short, so I rather save my money and cut as much off as I want.
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    Always :cool: the barbers just try & rip you off
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    I've been trying to grow my hair for ages, only getting the ends trimmed every 3 months. Anyway, a trim is never just a "trim"...so I'm tempted to trim the ends myself and get the front shaped by the hairdressers.


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