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Northumbria Accomodation

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    How many places of accomodation can you apply for? For example do they ask you to apply for 3 and then hope you get one of your three? Or can you apply for more to up your chances?

    Also, how difficult is it to get ensuite self catered halls? I know Northumbria has quite a few places that offer this but are they always the ones that run out of places first?

    You have to pick at least 4 options from the following (you can choose a 5th choice etc if you wish), what the choice covers is in brackets:
    - Clapham House (Standard Room)
    - Claude Gibb Hall (Catered Standard Room)
    - Coach Lane (Standard Room in Rothbury Hall/Shared House)
    - En Suite City Single (Knoll Court/Manor Bank/New Bridge Street/Quay Point/Victoria Hall/Winn Studios)
    - En Suite Premium/Couple Room (Knoll Court/Quay Point/Winn Studios)
    - En Suite Single Classic (Camden Court/Knoll Court)
    - En Suite Studio 51 weeks (Student Castle)
    - En Suite Studio/Apartement (Camden Court/Clapham House/Winn Studios)
    - Glenamara House (Standard Room)
    - Lovaine Flats (Quiet Standard Room)
    - Lovaine Hall (Standard Room)
    - Marleen Court (Shared House)
    - Stephenson Building (Standard Room)

    Ensuite halls do run out first, but if this is what you want then there's no harm in putting them first and then your preference amongst other halls further down. Also, if you want ensuite then apply for accomodation asap, the earlier you apply the more chance you have of getting the accomodation you want as they are processed on a first come, first served basis.
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    Thanks! One more question, if you get your application in quicker (for the university, not accommodation) do you get the accommodation forms quicker, assuming they offer you a place?

    No, the accommodation applications are open now for anyone who has accepted a northumbria offer so as soon as you accept them as your firm/insurance you should be able to apply.

    Hi, what is the date we need to put for accomodation, I'm not sure when we move in


    I can't remember putting anything for mine, just put your course start date in instead.. might be around 17th september x

    (Original post by Shnoon)
    Hi, what is the date we need to put for accomodation, I'm not sure when we move in

    To find out go on the accommodation section of the Northumbria website and look at the 2011/2012 contract dates. Then look at whether that date in 2011 (e.g. 17th September) was a Friday or Saturday, then if it was Friday then you'll be moving in on 14th or if Saturday then on the 15th.


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