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If You Could Punch Any Three Celebrites

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    (Original post by Rds_)
    dara o briain
    Stephen Sackur
    Dominic Littlewood
    the guy from coast who is in love with his own hair.
    Are you mad?
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    Punch David Haye 3 times. Then stamp on his toe.

    What a ****ing ****!
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    Joey Barton
    Joey Barton
    Joey Barton
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    Jamie Oliver
    Amy Childs
    Any of the Loose Women cast. I don't mind which one.
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    1) Calvin Mackenzie, for services to nobbery.
    2) Katie Price, for services to attention seeking.
    3) Richard Littlejohn, for services to bigotry.
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    Tom Cruise
    Jedward (biologically they are the same person, right - they count as one?)
    Jeremy Paxman - for betraying his Northern roots and becoming an elitist.
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    Katy Perry
    The TOWIE cast (they don't really deserve to be treated as seperate entities now do they)
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    This "get the london look" girl... It would be doing her a favour by knocking her teeth out...

    Nicki Minaj.... I hate her guts. How the hell has she got more followers on twitter than Eminem? The music industry is crap!!

    She'll never have to choose which seat to take again.
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    Nicki Minaj
    Lady Gaga
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    Lady Gaga
    John Terry
    Ed Miliband
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    (Original post by hbk4894)
    Ok, so I can't spell his surname correctly - I mean the bloke from Kings of Leon.
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    (Original post by Alofleicester)
    Ok, so I can't spell his surname correctly - I mean the bloke from Kings of Leon.
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    (Original post by hbk4894)
    which 3 celebrites past or present would you happly punch in the face.

    mine 3 would be

    1 Simon Cowell
    2 Ant
    3 Dec

    1) Nick Griffin
    2) Emma West (Racist Tram woman)
    3) Roy Chubby Brown (vile and repulsive self-proclaimed funnyman).


    1)Adolf Hitler
    2)Adolf Hitler
    3)Adolf Hitler
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    russel brand
    alan carr
    graham norton
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    Kim Kardahian
    Cheryl Cole
    Kim Kardahian's mum (not sure what her name is)
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    Rihanna-utterly attention seeking moron
    Joey Essex-To show that not everybody thinks being thick as pig s**t is a rewarding quality
    LMFAO- (two guys I think? But I'm counting this as one) for producing the single most irritating, abysmal record inflicted upon humanity ever.
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    oli sykes
    lil wayne
    the queen
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    Lady Gaga
    Katie Price
    Michael Mcintyre
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    1) The entire Geordie Shore Cast (I'll have a royal rumble with em!!!! They're even more dislikeable than the Jersey Shore cast and that alone deserves a punch)

    2) Jeremy Kyle (not even bothering explaining this one)

    3) Jeremy Clarkson - Don't try to be funny and you aren't! You're just a lame, old, arrogant, narrow minded and offensive dick who wants attention!!

    Bonus Celebrity: KELLY BROOK

    Face it: she can't act, she can't present (remember the tragedy that was her on The Big Breakfast?) and she doesn't say anything that's worth listening to or reading. She's just a pretty face and a pair of tits that lives off Newspaper stories and she also screws sports people. 'blah blah blah... i'm representing the curvier women that the media don't show... blah blah blah... i'm not afraid to get my tits out... blah blah blah...look how big my huge boobs are... blah blah blah...' ***** SHUT UP! Nobody cares! Sop trying to make it look as thoiugh you're a talented movie star. You suck!! Nice looking girl, but jesus she's annoying. She doesn' even warrant a newspaper story. No punch though... just a pimp slap

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    Prince Charles
    Zooey Deschanel
    David Starkey


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