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The Uni Study Thread Mk II

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    (Original post by ArcadiaHouse)
    Your new avatar ROCKS :ahee:
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    (Original post by legally_ratty)
    Your new avatar ROCKS :ahee:
    I'm glad you approve!! :hugs:
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    Going to see the doctor at 9am about my exhaustion but can't fall asleep. The irony.

    "When you feel so tired, that you can't sleep ..."
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    Currently got 1000 words left to write and yeah...
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    so much work and so little time...
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    Woke up as soon as my alarm went off. Did my hair etc and cooked breakfast, will start studying at 8am. I'M ON A ROLL BITCHES! :woo:
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    I made my tea far too strong for so early. It's like a punch in the face.
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    4th all-nighter on the trot and I've finally got this bloody essay done! Now just to hand it in.


    Possibly head to LOP seminar (depends on how tired I feel)
    Email tutor about essay feedback
    Hand assignment in
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    Finally I have my first lecture today after being back at uni for nearly a week! Actually looking forward to getting stuck in to some work :P

    Just give me a week and i'll be on here complaining that I'm overloaded with work and should have made the most of having naff all to do!!! yay
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    I don't remember what I'd written so far of this essay being such a disjointed load of rubbish. FML. Someone's reserved yet another book that I'm using (), I haven't finished with it and don't want my account blocked for not returning it so I think I'm just going to have to scan the parts I still need into my netbook before I take it back.
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    Right, plan for today
    -Attend 11am Politics lecture
    -Attend 1pm American Studies Seminar
    -Get Fukuyama report plan done (finally!!)
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    All right, brand new thread, brand new list :awesome: . Considering I was forgetful on things last week, I feel it's time to create a new one so there's no excuses :unimpressed:

    To Do:
    • Check and send off I7 lab report.
    • Do inorganic chemistry tutorial sheet (Urgent).
    • Revise for metablism test.
    • Do I1 pre-lab and pre-lab theory.
    • Complete lab safety.
    • Computer exercise 5.
    • WSC meeting Friday, 5pm.
    • Birthday presents x3

    So much to do
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    I'm being so organised today, it's strange. Something will go wrong... I've got my massive to do list book all filled out (and am working on some of it already), my diary is up to date and has all the stuff for this week that I know about... I have a feeling that this will all be over by Wednesday. Hell, I can see my desk, that alone is good!

    See, I'm not lying!

    Today's to do list

    I can't be bothered writing it out again. My new found love of uni does not extend that far.

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    First lecture is at midday. Need to go and change modules before it though
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    Japanese class at 12
    After two weeks without lessons, I`m sure that I`m going to make some silly mistakes >_< and the teacher is a little scary
    On the plus side, first historical linguistics lecture today been reading the books for it and they`re so interesting ^^
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    I know I should go down to NOC today because I need to get my full results so I can plot graphs and also crush up a few more samples just to confirm a hypothesis. I also need to see my shadow supervisor and tell him what's going on. But, I need to apply for 2 jobs today so that will happen first (yes, those two I've been saying I'll do for about 2 weeks now)... at least they close tomorrow so I have to do them today!
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    Just picked up my kit for rowing! :awesome: But now I'm in the library until I get 750/1500 words done on this essay. Too bad the topic is awful and I absolutely hate it.
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    Got the mark back for a group assignment, 2:1. I have a sneaking suspicion that unprofessionalism on the part of one of the members (who took out the company logo I put on my section rather than including it on everyones' as well as a few other things) cost us a 1st
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    I officially hate Mondays!

    Contract lecture at 1, should be followed straight after by a seminar but have to go to the docs today instead so they can steal blood.

    Then tonight I have fat club.

    Is it bed time yet? :rolleyes:
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