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The Uni Study Thread Mk II

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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    Starting Uni again in 2 hours. Got a 2 hour lecture and then a workshop. Let the studying commence
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    Uni travel shop charged me a £2 fee to renew my railcard with them and only told me about it when I was about to pay. Damn them ripping students off. I'd have gone to the train station if I'd known.
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    You should have just been all 'oh, well in that case I'll go to the station'. You aren't obliged to pay just because you've been through all the process you know!
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    I had a fantastic weekend in Cardiff, but I'm still so tired from all the walking around, but the perfect thing to do after a hellish essay/exam period.

    First day of term! I just had my first lecture which was just an introductory lecture for a module I am doing telling us about assessment, themes, etc. But I am pretty excited overall.
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    Loved how quiet and empty the library was today, although I didn't love not being able to get the newest edition of books I was going to read so have settled for somewhat recent editions. Got tomorrow and Wednesday free so going to do a lot of reading then. Although for now I am going to have a nap and then maybe do some work. I feel it would be like committing a crime to not embrace my first day of semester two without a mini afternoon student nap :P
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    (Original post by hothedgehog)
    You should have just been all 'oh, well in that case I'll go to the station'. You aren't obliged to pay just because you've been through all the process you know!
    yeah I only thought of that after
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    My housemate and I have both sacked off today... we both need to go to NOC though so tomorrow we are making each other go so we both get some project done.
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    So I couldn't change to the module I wanted to

    And dozens of other things are going wrong with this day.

    Semester Two sucks major balls already
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    Spent £50 on books. Done nothing since 2pm. Exhausted.
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    • Lecture
    • Doctors
    • Buy food for dinner
    • Sort lecture notes
    • Fat club
    • Start reading and seminar prep for weds
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    (Original post by avash27)
    Just picked up my kit for rowing! :awesome: But now I'm in the library until I get 750/1500 words done on this essay. Too bad the topic is awful and I absolutely hate it.
    Good luck on the rowing!! You rowers are crazy breeds, the sight you see when you walk into training and they're all on the rowing machines eurgh too intense for my liking haha
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    got 72% for my final essay in one module for creative writing in semester A :banana:
    A big improvement from the 48% one in my other module.

    I need to write a 3500 word essay this semester on Social policy & legislation of children and families and I'm shi**ing myself already.. the most I had to write now was 2500

    Also have an assignment this week to write for 3 minutes about DLR and Amy Winehouse. And one dude in class asked:"Do we have to be on DLR while doing it?" And the lecturer goes:"No. Nor on Amy Winehouse. Although many people probably were."

    And I have a recruitment for Lush on Wednesday and I'm desperately trying to learn the ingredients in their products.
    Just wanna get this week over with already...
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    Right then a quick review now that I am two days on
    (Original post by ellejaytee)

    Hoover room,
    do several loads of washing
    find some food

    Rest of the week:
    Finish writing chapters 1 and 2 of dissertation (should have been done before christmas)
    Start and finish chapter 3 of dissertation
    Do all data work for dissertation (well sort of)
    Fill in forms for graduate job
    Visit Boyfriends Gran (will be a whole day)

    And of course the vital catch up on all telly missed during exams.
    not too bad and i now don't think I am being over ambitious, although i do not know when I am going to find time to find food. And yet again I have somehow managed to write my entire literature review without referring to one half of my dissertation. oh well.

    I'm heading to the nearest of our sainsburys locals in search of milk soon so that I can have breakfast tomorrow
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    Today was a fail. Missed all three of my lectures, and eventually got in to Uni for 3. :-/ Another late night computer lab session the make up for it - meeting with my project supervisor tomorrow...and my baby steps just keep getting smaller and smaller!

    Deadlines this week:
    Tue: Some state of decency for project
    Thu: Embedded Sys
    Fri: Simulators paper
    Sun: Pico-projectors paper

    Ignoring the 10 hours of lectures from last week I need to catch up on. :-/ Why do I never learn?? :no:
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    Crap sleep last night and sooooo tempted to go to bed now. But I should really finish 'Wuthering Heights' :sigh:
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    (Original post by ArcadiaHouse)
    Crap sleep last night and sooooo tempted to go to bed now. But I should really finish 'Wuthering Heights' :sigh:
    How was the docs ? xx

    P.S. I will reply back to your PM..... sometime soon.... ish (I will though!) lol
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    (Original post by VanillaTwilight)
    How was the docs ? xx

    P.S. I will reply back to your PM..... sometime soon.... ish (I will though!) lol
    Hey :awesome:

    I didn't go to the doc, was too tired. Probably will tomorrow though

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    Back to uni tomrrow - and starting my dissertation. I really don't see the point of being given presentations/seminar prep in 3rd year, which is unmarked, when we've got coursework and a dissertation to focus on and I'd rather be getting on with my marked work and prepping for exams than spending 2 hours travelling for a 1 hour lecture on something I could learn about at home.[/Rant] Lol.
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    Should really read ahead for my safety course like we're supposed to :sigh:
    But it's so dull! OK watching the explosions is fun but the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 can "sook ma b*ws", to use a Glaswegian phrase
    Should probably do it while I have the energy, since I had so many biscuits at the blood donation centre.
    One of the nurses just kept thrusting the biscuit basket at me threateningly, bless her
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    In the library until closing I think working on my essay, then I have to do reading and prep for seminar in the morning, ready for the afternoon.

    Somethingbeautiful - I quite agree.
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