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The Uni Study Thread Mk II

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    (Original post by hwalusimo1)
    I'm just not happy at my current uni and it has affected how I've done this year. Moving to a different uni to retake my 2nd year
    Hope it works out much better for you then!
    What are you studying?
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    (Original post by GingerGoat)
    Hope it works out much better for you then!
    What are you studying?
    Media & Culture with English Lit
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    (Original post by cpdavis)
    What's your disse on?
    It's a philosophy dissertation but I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to be writing/arguing for, I haven't posed a question for myself - just an area of investigation, so I'm finding it hard to write anything.
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    I hate you Simpson's Rule!!!!!! Why does it need to be so complicated and hard to understand :|.
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    Revision is pretty bad for now. Midterm exams in 2 weeks. :afraid:
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    On Sunday I plan to make an amazing motivating playlist and get stuck in to uni work...and make plans for more work
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    I'm going to tidy my room and then study lots. I might go on a chocolate run first though. It was the first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning.

    I also need to finish tidying the kitchen, so I might do that after a few hours of studying.
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    - Study for Dental Anatomy test
    - Try doing my Psychology homework
    - Make final changes to my Dental Anatomy presentation

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    Managed to do 300 words of intro for my dissertation last night - which seems like nothing but for me that's amazing, so now I'm motivated . Going to try to do 1,000 per day for the next 9 days...after a quick cup of tea, obviously . Hope everyone is having a nice easter - I really fancy an easter egg, I don't care that I'm 22 and want a Mario egg .
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    Doing my Easter baking today, and in addition fixing up my CV for a couple of roles that have caught my eye
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    Going to do a couple of hours today before I have to go out for another family dinner, at least I'm not expected to help this time. Also absolutley gutted I've been to two Supermarkets now in the last two days and neither had any Cadburys easter eggs left :mad:
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    740/10,000 - I reckon I can get 260 by 8pm, then I'm taking a break to have tea and watch BGT. Then I'll carry on. I've got a really bad eye twitch from staring at books/computer screen all day.
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    (Original post by somethingbeautiful)
    740/10,000 - I reckon I can get 260 by 8pm, then I'm taking a break to have tea and watch BGT. Then I'll carry on. I've got a really bad eye twitch from staring at books/computer screen all day.
    Good luck and well done for the progress :woo: When is the deadline?
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    Got about 1200/3500, despite telling myself I'd have it finished yesterday. Tomorrow at the latest, so I can plan improvements before I go into uni on Wednesday to get some more books and return others. Then to get back on with revision...

    Progress today had been hampered somewhat by the discovery that group work will screw my average up more than I thought it would. MD who spent the week before the group coursework was due in messing us around and answering everyone's calls but mine has managed to submit the work saying Business Plan on the title page when it's meant to say Group Report. Talk about unprofessional. So angry as I did more than my fair share and this guy refused to let anyone help him/proof read. He went out the night before it was due despite us telling him not to until he'd done the work. He was supposed to write 750 words but wrote 10 lines , which could well have consisted of wherever his head landed on the keyboard in his drunken stupor or a list of the alcohol he consumed before writing it and he hasn't even apologised to me and the other guy. I don't know why I bothered trying to resurrect my average after a bad term as it'll all have been in vain :crying: :crying:

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    Got to 4700 words on the dissertation this evening. My intro is mostly finished although I could really do with restructuring the previous work section a bit. Will sort that out tomorrow and then format away. Graphs too hopefully.
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    Doing a bit more revision now as I got home earlier than expected. Doing Politics atm as I hadn't started on that til today.
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    So we try and get an apology out of the guy and get told '**** happens, get over it.' Words cannot express my hatred for group work.
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    (Original post by cpdavis)
    Good luck and well done for the progress :woo: When is the deadline?
    Thanks . The deadline is mid May but my tutor wants a full disse by the time I go back after Easter (just over a week from now) so that she can read it through - then I have 4 weeks to spruce it up before submission in May.

    So long as I stick to my targets it should be done within the week *fingers crossed*.

    (Original post by Kim-x)
    I don't know how you cope! I would go mad having assessed group work, it seems so unfair that you can lose marks due to someone else's incompetency.
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    Now it's apparently my fault, I'm irresponsible and the other guy that did his share of the work supposedly has a god complex. I want to cry.

    This guy is mental, I'm so complaining on Wednesday. Probably won't stop them docking me marks because of him but it might make me feel better.
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    Havn't done much work the past two days. Figured I will just practically live in the library when I go back on Tuesday. Will try get some journals read today though just to feel somewhat productive
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