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Higher Discursive Essay - please help >_<"

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    I have a discursive essay which was due in weeks ago, but which I still haven't written =_="
    My problem isn't the actual writing of the essay- I find discursive essays relatively easy (compared to critical essays etc.). I just cannot decide on a good topic to write about!
    I need to do something more original than euthanasia/abortion/legalising cannabis/death penalty etc. I am thinking about something to do with mental illness, since that is an area of great interest to me, or internet censorship/copyright infringement, being pretty current with all this SOPA/ACTA stuff.
    If anyone has any ideas for questions on these or any other interesting/current topics, I would be so so grateful if you could share them~

    (I am desperately trying to have this in for tomorrow, though I'm not sure it's going to happen... TT^TT)

    For my discursive essay this year I wrote about Surrogacy in India which turned out being a good decision as my teacher found it really interesting. With my final re-draft of it which is due soon, I'll definintely be sure of an A for it. However, this doesn't really seem like it could be one which might interest you (I picked this topic because I had read about it in a magazine and it was either that or an essay on Scotland becoming independent - not much of a difference at all...)

    I also feel your pain about critical essays. I am currently trying to write one about setting for Sunset Song but as you can tell it's not going too well... :hmmmm2:
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    Thanks for your reply
    That does actually sound pretty interesting, I might look into it if I have nothing else^^
    Yeah, the whole Scottish independence thing was my mother's idea of an interesting and unique essay topic xD

    Ugh, I just don't see the point of critical essays D:
    Good luck with yours! :/

    43 minutes later, still not got started with my critical essay although I have the intro done from last night.

    Another reason why I chose surrogacy in India was because what are the chances of someone else in Scotland doing it? Very little!

    Some useful sites:

    There are plenty of places to get quotes and figures from like on news/newspaper websites.
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    I would say, "Thank you for taking time out of your busy critical essay-writing schedule to answer me " but maybe you are just procrastinating like me? xD
    Well thank you in any case :3
    This does look like a pretty good topic, so I might just give up on finding a mental health-related topic and do surrogacy instead, especially with all these lovely sources *¬*

    Ugh it's always the getting started that takes up all my time, rather than the actual essay TTATT

    Hey I did Higher English last year and got an A and I chose to do my discursive topic on American Rodeos and whether or not they should be banned on grounds of animal cruelty. I was first interested in this when I discovered a whole Youtube channel dedicated to the documenting of the various animals cruelties. I thought it was more unusual than the common animal testing topic that people tend to go for.
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    Oh, that's good. Because like you say, simply "animal testing" has been done so much, but that is quite original. Thanks

    No problem! yeah I think teachers and markers prefer essays where people think a little bit outside the box for their topic. If you have any other questions about your or anything else in the course essay feel free to ask! Good luck with your essay!

    (Original post by Yuno)
    I would say, "Thank you for taking time out of your busy critical essay-writing schedule to answer me " but maybe you are just procrastinating like me? xD
    Haha, ofcourse I am procrastinating and still am! HELP! :cry:


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