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London Treasurers' Graduate Scheme

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    Hi I haven't received an email, but when I log on my status has changed to invited to assessment centre, anyone else?
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    Hey sun dog, I heard I got through to AC today, fingers crossed for you!
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    I'm through to the AC as well! I was absolutely convinced I was out after that telephone interview.

    Congrats Reb and Saries, good luck with your ACs. And I'm sorry to hear that ah07171, I hope you have better luck on another scheme.
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    Hey guys,

    How's the preparation going for the AC? Which dates are you booked in for?
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    Hi guys,

    Anybody attending on the 24th, Lewisham? What presentation questions did you guys receive?

    My question - “What are the key strategic challenges that currently face local government finance?”

    Anyhoo...good luck.
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    My assessment is next Tuesday in Dagenham. I've got the same question and been finding it quite difficult to research so far.
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    I was there on the 24th sultanics, were you morning or afternoon?

    How's everybody found the AC so far?
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    Anyone down for Friday??
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    Thought it went ok sun dog. Was pretty challenging cramming it all into the time period but wasn't too bad I thought. weren't as many people there as I thought there would be.
    How bout you?
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    I thought the day itself wasn't too bad, quite intense, but I'm not happy with how I did, I just made a lot of stupid mistakes, just the way it goes sometimes.:dontknow:

    Do you know how many people were at the ACs overall? I'm guessing that it was 10-15 people each session over 3-4 days?

    Also do you know what happens next if we're successful? I know it's interviews with the Boroughs, but does that mean we've got a job and they're just placing us or can we still be unsuccessful after them?
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    Not too sure about the next stage. There were three assessment days and I know there were 20 in total on Tuesday but not sure about the others. I would have thought they were similar though. I made some pretty stupid mistakes like not finishing exercises in time. Forgot to bring a watch

    Do you know how many trainees they're taking on?
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    I think she said there were 14-16 vacancies last year, although I can't remember if she told us a definite figure for this year.

    I did exactly the same - I decided I couldn't afford to buy a watch just for a half day AC, but then I properly messed up on my numerical test because I had my back to the clock. And I also had presentation "issues" but I won't go into that! Oh well, there's always next year!

    Fingers crossed for everybody waiting to hear btw, what are the chances we'll find out today do you reckon?
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    Pretty slim tbh. Think we'relooking at at least another week

    Also don't think anyone did too well on the numerical.l was pretty time consuming
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    Oh dear, my application page has been updated bu no further details given. This has never been a good sign before
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    Got through to the final interviews for my 2 preferred boroughs. Delighted with that, just hope I don't muck up the interview. Good luck anyone still waiting
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    Same here, congratulations!

    How did you choose which your preferred boroughs were? I was caught a bit off guard with the rating on the day, as I thought we would be doing it at a later date, so I hadn't done my research properly. As a result there's definitely one of my interviews I would prefer over the other!
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    I really don't know too much about the individual boroughs but I sort of knew which areas I wanted.to live/work after talking to friends. After three or four boroughs I didn't have a clue so just put them down in any random order
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    I was exactly the same! I feel like I should have been a bit more scientific, but I suppose wherever we get placed (assuming interview success) there'll be a decent amount of work to do.

    Speaking of which I don't suppose anybody's got any idea what the chances of success/rejection at the borough interviews are? I don't even really know what they're looking for at these interviews, surely passing the AC means they think we can do the job, so is it just a case of explaining why you applied to them as a borough?
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    Really don't have a clue about what they're looking for in these interviews. Hope it's more about whether you'll fit in the borough. I didn't really care which borough I work at as long as I got a borough


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