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    Employers don't use these tests to rule out 95% of applicants. They're just there to make sure you aren't an idiot. It sounds like you've done more than enough practice.
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    (Original post by Tateco)
    Can't believe you had to quote a formula for that. I just do it
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    (Original post by Bloodbath)
    Can't believe you had to quote a formula for that. I just do it
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    threadstarter. you are right and it makes sense to practice for the tests. especilly if you want to try and make sure you are one of the final candidates.
    the thing some people don't realise with the numerical and verbal aptitude tests is that they are often used by employers to "weed out" candidates in the initial round. So even if you are a very skilled applicant, just because you failed the tests on hurdle one, you might not get to the second round to prove yourself in the interviews for example. It is not always like this but often it unfortunately is. By practising for the tests you at least help yourself in getting past the first step. Just go online and do some serious practice on sites like:


    and so on. There's plenty. Haven't heard of anyone offering personal tutoring in aptitude tests and if it did exist it probably would be expensive. Try the online tests first. Good luck!
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    Thanks so much mates! really appreciate your time and advice!
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    Just keep practising and use content online, it really is not hard.
    Might take a bit of time to get used to them but after a while you will be able to do them without thinking.


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Updated: February 27, 2012
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