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What gigs do you have coming up?

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    (Original post by robo donkey)
    Dropkick Murphys next friday.

    Epic, would love to see them and jig about with beer, would be so good
    This band is awesome! Good fun!
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    Manic Street Preachers x 2 in April in Holland (!!), I'd also like to see New Order and Noel Gallagher this year fingers crossed. And the Stone Roses, how could I forget...
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    (Original post by Boristhethird)
    Jay and bob get old on the 18th,

    Rammstein the week after :headbang:

    :eek: where? i wanna go!
    I'm so jealous I could hate you, but I'm not that mean.
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    Download (Sunday) and The Stone Roses (Friday) are the only things I have lined up at the moment. Would be surprised if I didn't see any other bands before then though.
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    (Original post by I<3LAMP)
    I'm so jealous I could hate you, but I'm not that mean.
    ill take that as a challenge

    I've allready seen them......twice
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    (Original post by Boristhethird)
    ill take that as a challenge

    I've allready seen them......twice
    :mad: I was in Berlin in Dec and they were performing at the 02 a few days after I left- made me rage inside.

    I'll see them one day (I hope).

    (Still not going to hate on you for that-you have good taste!)
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    Last year I saw;

    The Midnight Beast - February 24th (Norwich Waterfront)
    The Wombats - March 14th (Norwich UEA LCR)
    Panic! At The Disco - May 17th (Norwich UEA LCR)
    Enter Shikari - October 5th (Norwich UEA LCR)

    This year I have lined up;

    Deaf Havana - April 25th (Norwich Waterfront)

    No doubt there will be more.
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    I'm going to see Snow Patrol tonight! Very excited!

    I'm going to see the Kerrang! tour next week (New Found Glory, The Blackout and 2 other bands I havn't heard of)

    and I'm going to see Coldplay in June, which will be awesome!
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    Rammstein on the 1st March

    And hopefully Download if I can afford it.
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    Music gigs? I'm seeing Blink182 with the All American Rejects in July, and that's it really. (SO FAR!)
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    (Original post by Panda Bear)
    Going to see Nicolas Jaar on Thursday night
    Enjoy it?
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    I'm seeing Noel Gallagher in two weeks and Bombay Bicycle Club in April.
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    I actually quite like Noel Gallaghers solo stuff that I've heard
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    im seeing the kerrang tour in february in birmingham, going alone as everyone i know is crap and wont go for some reason, so thought sod it i'll go on my own then, as i really wanna watch the blackout and enjoyed new found glory when i saw them a few years ago at give it a name tour.

    the day after the kerrang tour i'm seeing Shinedown, which im also super excited about, this time with a friend. also pretty pleased cos the tickets were free from cashing in my hmv purepoints

    in march im seeing Aynsley lister do a solo gig in burton, my dad, step-mum, sister and her fiance should be coming up for that one which should be a good night.
    a week after that i may be seeing inme and lost alone in nottingham, depending on my plecement and money permitting.

    really wanna see black stone cherry and brand new but cant afford them as too close to other gigs theres just too many good ones too close together unfortunately, and seen brand new before, so not too gutted to miss them. really considering blink 182 as they are playing with all american rejects (who were great last time i saw them a give it a name tour) and think the blackout are also playing with them too, just need to find money for it....
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    (Original post by icancount23)
    Enjoy it?
    Yeah he was awesome. Probably should have drank a little less however.
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    Black Keys on Friday! zoinks!
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    Saw Kaiser Chiefs last Tuesday which was amazing!!!

    And for the rest of the year...

    10-Feb Snow Patrol
    22-Feb The Wombats
    3-April You Me At Six
    and the Isle of Wight Festival in June
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    Got a bit of a mixed bag coming up....
    Alestorm, which I am incredibly excited about - can't wait to get my pirate-wench-skank on.
    A load of folk artists including Eliza Carthy who I absolutely adore.
    The Imagined Village - folk meets dub meets world music, one of my favourite bands.
    Rodrigo y Gabriella in London
    And got a few festivals lined up this summer which will hopefully have excellent line ups!
    Also playing a couple of gigs myself but I don't think that counts.
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    I want to go to the NME tour if I can get tickets
    I'd quite like to see TDCC and Metronomy :/
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    Brand New
    M. Ward & Feist
    Slow Club
    Blood Red Shoes
    Parklife Festival
    Pearl Jam (Manc x2, Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen)
    Bruce Springsteen

    Can't wait


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