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What is Staffordshire (Stoke Campus) like??

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    I am considering putting Staffordshire uni (Stoke Campus) as my insurance/firm choice, however on the open day i did not get a chance to see much of the surrounding area.

    Therefore if anyone who lives there, or is a current uni student there could provide me with some information about what is available (eg. shopping, sport, gigs, nightlife ect) i would be really greatful.

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    ask this person answered some of my questions!
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    I'm putting Staffordshire as my firm, and I've never even been! But I have a friend who lives there and she says it's a lovely place It's supposed to have a good amount of places to eat (Including a milkshake shop that she raves about) and an alright nightlife. I guess uni is what you make it though. The place is supposed to be quite decent, and only a tenner on a train from manchester
    Sorry for not helping much
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    Both campuses aren't the best, surronding area to stoke campus is crap which is putting it in better language, just think of places in Birmingham think is spark brook or something etc etc is like that, as for union i not sure about, Stoke aka Hanley is ok for night life

    Stafford campus is on the outskirts of stafford, union is crap - water down drinks, flat beer, food can be hit and miss, stafford crap for night life so would need to venture out to main cities or something

    Would say choose other uni to go to
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    Im just finishing my first year at stoke, and I actually don't think its too bad... The only thing I would really fault is that the campus is kinda out of the way of the town... it's a long walk or you have to use public transport... I agree with the comment above about stafford nightlife being awful... but stoke is ok for nightlife, and if you do fancy a change, manchester is only 40 mins away by train, and I've gone there on nights out myself a fair few times... I had a lot of mixed reviews about stoke before I moved here, but im quite happy here, and I know plenty of people who are..
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    hi, i'm nearing the second year at staffs uni. Like Jade says above it's not too bad. Stoke is made up of lots of towns, with hanley being the closest (about 15/20 min walk or 10 min bus ride away) its here where you will find the potteries shopping centre and also the nightlife. the nightlife is decent, but if you ever fancy a change you have newcastle under lyme (known locally as castle) which is a 15min taxi ride or you can get the train upto manchester or down to birmingham.
    Having lived on campus first year and now a house close to uni i can say the area closest to the uni (shelton) is abit run down and same could be said for hanley, but it is not the worst place to live by far, plus its the people you meet that make the uni experience so much better. theres a fair few take away places, as well as tesco (hanley) and sainsburys into stoke town along with cost cutter and pak foods all within a 5/10min walk from the uni. the two local pubs that are well used by the students are the terrace and the graduate whch both have student friendly offers on. theres also the lrv on campus which holds student nights on a wed and friday. ember lounge is on the college road site, which is a bar and also sells ok food.
    hope this helps =)
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    Stoke is my firm choice & i went to an open day and have another day there on the 16th, I live in manchester and i think stoke is alright just seems a little bit dated in some parts but you get that everywhere. I liked the look of the place and uni & seems to be decent prices there.
    I have applied for a house rather than halls for my first year.
    Is that too dangerous?x
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    Having studied at staffordshire uni, if your a sociable person and love to party staffordshire is not for you, its a dead campus everyone goes home on the weekend..theirs not a lot to do, the transport it not too bad. The uni is ok..i wish i had go elsewhere


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