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    None of my friends or I can seem to find anywere to put fabric softener and powder in the new washing machines? Anyone got any ideas?

    You're not supposed to pour fabric softener directly onto clothes... so am I just supposed to throw all my old powder and softener away and change them for liquitabs or what?

    I know its so stupid. For me I use powder, I just put some powder on top of the clothes. I'm not sure if your meant to do it but my clothes smell clean afterwards anyway. I guess they are forcing us to buy the capsule things.

    I think it's fine to pour it onto your clothes. Personaly I use tablets but my friend just uses powder and I guess it's fine.
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    It's just whenever I have used it directly on my clothes, the fabric softener has left little white marks. Awww well Thanks guys.

    The few times I have used softener, I've always put it straight on my clothes with no problems.

    Don't know if that's what you're supposed to do, but it certainly shouldn't cause you any undue stress

    You could use one of the washing liquid balls, just pour the powder into the ball and place it on top of your clothes.

    Not sure where you can get one from though... only place I have seen them is Millets, and I only know that because I worked there.


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