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How do i contact Boohoo.com

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    I brought a dress for £25 but they overcharged me and took £50 from my account! I've emailed them however no one has responded! And i cannot find a contact number to ring them off. What shall i do This is so unfair and i have a right to get my money back that's owed to me! please help...and thanks for your time
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    how long ago did you email them? ususally these systems can take a while to respond, but I've had good experiences in the past (with Brand Alley).
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    [QUOTE=flying plum;36190365]how long ago did you email them? ususally these systems can take a while to respond, but I've had good experiences in the past (with Brand Alley).

    Hey, i rang the number but they said it is no longer available and to contact them by email which i have done but thanks for trying anyways!
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    I emailed them and got no response. Twitter finally got my problem resolved but the people on there were generally really unhelpful, I had to become quite aggressive (which I don't like doing) before anything got done.
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    I bought a dress from there today, i recieved an email saying my order had gone through. I then wanted to change my email address as I now have a new one, and it logged me out of my account.

    Every time I try to log in with my old email address (the one my confirmation email was sent to) it says " email not registered", when i try to log into my new email address (that i tried to change my old one to) - it also says " email not registered".

    None of this makes any sense and I have been debited the amount of money from my account for the dress. I can't log into my account WITH EITHER EMAIL ADDRESS and when i try to track the item with the tracking number, it says, "Number not recognised".

    I know for a fact that the money has come out of my account so the purchase has been made, so I want to know why it's telling me my email address that I USED to purchase the dress with, is NOT REGISTERED?!

    I have had no email response from Boohoo all day and have tweeted several times with no response either. I have heard bad reports on boohoo for their lack of customer service but I didn't think I would ever experience it this badly. I'm sure they dont have any call centers because it's a small company in relation to the retail market, but if they are going to do customer service via email, you would think it would be acceptable at least!

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    I bought two dresses from Boohoo - and I received the email to say it had been dispatched. I received one dress in the post but not the second dress. I also have the receipt that came with it for one dress. However I have infact been charged for both dresses plus the delivery charge. I am absolutely astonished that Boohoo do not have a contact number and more so that they CHARGE me for BOTH items and only deliver half the order!!! That is not good business practice. so Boohoo here is my message to you.....1st get a contact number 2nd - I want a full refund on my order for the item I have not received otherwise I will take legal action against you. I will not be ordering from you ever again believe I'd rather not, Ive never had problems with you before but this is ridiculous.

    I have now since taken to twitter! And actually got a response! No explanation just that a refund is being processed! Great customer service - not!!!

    So I got told the dress was out of stock when it was dispatched and guess what I've just gone online.....and what do i find the exact dress in the exact same size is available online to order!!! http://www.boohoo.com/dresses/crista.../invt/azz88429
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    If I have trouble with a retailer, I ALWAYS contact my bank/building society to see if they can help, usually they are very helpful. If I don't get help from the retailer withint around 14 days, I contact my bank and they get my money back or contact the retailer themselves etc.

    Hope this helps
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    Also having trouble with this company and their shoddy customer service. Ordered from them over a week ago, which they said had been dispatched to the courier yet my parcel hasn't arrived. I've sent a string of emails and tweets and have received the same automated and vague responses to all of them, even when attempting to ask in a more aggressive way. Claiming to not have a contact number 'because it's easier' is just absurd and is clearly an 'easier' way for them to scam people and not have to properly deal with complaints. Thankfully my order wasn't as pricey as some of you guys' on here, so good luck to you all in getting this sorted.
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    I have ordered a pair of shoes for next day delivery but my items have still not been dispatched. is this the usual process or should they have been dispatched by now?
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    (Original post by abab)
    I have ordered a pair of shoes for next day delivery but my items have still not been dispatched. is this the usual process or should they have been dispatched by now?
    If you chose next day delivery you should receive your order the next working day, so if you ordered it yesterday before 8pm it should have been dispatched by now. If you ordered your items after 8pm it will probably arrive tomorrow.

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    Try contacting them via their facebook page, including your order number in your post. They do seem quite good at getting back to people who post complaints/questions etc on their wall so definitely give it a go (p.s. are you sure you didn't accidentally order two dresses :P )
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    Try this number Boohoo contact phone number 01282 833043. I spoke to a really nice man who helped me with my problem.
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    I've needed to get in touch with Boohoo and the number youve given only gets to a switchboard, the man who anmswered said that because they are not a call centre if you need help then you have to email the customer services department i emailed them a hour or so ago and theyve already been back intouch and fixed my problem!! So its prob best to just email them! that way we are not just getting through to switchboard

    the email i was given was [email protected] <3 <3
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    I am in middle of trying to sort out my order aparantly been delivered but not sure where to as it's not where I live but found this number which is a boohoo customer services number waiting to hear back from them. was ment to get call back before 11 as start work at half 11. rang back after stated 2 hours which it aparantly it takes n still waiting I'm now way late for work and still waiting.
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    Amberlicious, the sa,e thing has happened to me i keep emailing them to sortt he situation out but im getting nowere did you get your sorted?
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    Had massive issues with an order I placed a week ago, had emails back from them that seems to be robots (Exact same email from different people) so I have called the number Amberlicious provided, apparently they are Jogo Associates (no clue if they are associated to Boohoo) but I asked for a phone call from they're manager and still waiting after 2 hours.... Actually shocked at this service
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    Best thing to do is to contact them through Facebook or Twitter they don't answer you emails to the customer service email address and they don't have a contact number! They are very unhelpful but the best way to contact them in via Facebook
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    Boo hoo? They're aptly named I suppose
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    I am also having troubles.

    My delivery to BooHoo says it has been delivered to my work address on Tuesday.

    I happen to be the receptionist at my work and sign for any deliveries/post that come into the office.

    I have also spoke to my colleagues and no one has seen a thing.

    This concerns me as It is now Friday... (i wanted to wear my item this evening) and I still haven't received it.

    I have also emailed BooHoo and got no response.

    After reading comments, I then took to Twitter to see if this would help, and I got a response in almost seconds of tweeting that my item did not arrive.

    My best for anyone trying to contact BooHoo customer support would be by doing so VIA social media.

    Hope this helps!

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    Up to date boohoo number, ask to be put through to customer services & they'll do it straight away!! 01612365640


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