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A Levels 7 Subjects

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    You should drop 3 or 4 of those subjects and do maths as well. Mathematical thinking and the logical reasoning gained from it are useful in all walks of life.
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    (Original post by jaenvin)
    Hi, I have currently enrolled for 7 subjects for my AS Levels:

    Fine Art
    Graphic Design
    Textiles Design
    Art History
    English Language and Literature
    Business Studies
    However, it seems that it is recommended to take only 3-4 subjects.

    Do you think it's feasible to do that many?
    With soft subjects like that it is definitely feasible.
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    I've been told I'm going to have a hard time and I'm only taking 6 so I can't imagine the work you're going to have to do!
    I'm doing Bio, Chem, Phys, Maths, Economics and Spanish which don't involve much coursework..but I would think your subjects do and so that would be a bit much, no?
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    (Original post by liamdunne)
    With soft subjects like that it is definitely feasible.
    I'm guessing you've never done an A level involving Art?
    Just because it might be considered 'soft' by some universities does not mean it isn't hard work.

    Whoever negged me: If you disagree try actually coming up with a valid argument.


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