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Sunday: Chelsea v Man Utd - can you predict the score?

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    Mata's strike was sublime.


    Such a clean powerful connection.

    I'm fairly sure it would have killed De Gea if he made contact
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    Howard Webb Chelsea's 12th man!
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    Luis & Torres both contributing in one day!?

    Fook. We want 6!
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    Should have been scholes on for giggs.
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    On fantasy football, i just swapped Luiz for Evra, and then removed captaincy from Mata.

    I guess i suck at being a manager
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    (Original post by Woodworth)
    On fantasy football, i just swapped Luiz for Evra, and then removed captaincy from Mata.

    I guess i suck at being a manager
    Haha, unlucky...
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    (Original post by Legendary)
    Shut the **** up you got 2 offside goals at old trafford stop crying
    Jog on you rent boy ****
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    Penalty for Utd!
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    Just won a penalty Evra? :L
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    Bit ****ing late for a penalty...
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    Rio is such a bad defender these days. :rofl: Making his performance when he got mauled by Ameobi look good here.
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    Thank god Rooney scored for once xD
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    Brilliantly taken penalty.

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    4-3 to Utd.
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    Damn it...:facepalm:
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    Who says karma doesn't exist!

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    Webb leading the comeback!
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    Webb, two wrongs don't make a right (this coming from a United fan).
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    Comeback! Come on Utd!!
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    Nice dive Evra, hadn't even gone down and he was protesting...

    And the one time I actually want you guys to win, and you're 3-0 down when I come back to it... Unbelievable. :P


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Updated: February 8, 2012
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