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Sunday: Chelsea v Man Utd - can you predict the score?

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    C'mon Utd.

    4-3 on the cards.
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    Webb doing the business!

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    Isn't Webb a Man U fan?

    This is a serious question. :holmes:
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    Cheat more please guys, we need you to win this one.
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    Lol @ the talk Webb is with United despite one of the clearest decisions of the game going against us.
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    (Original post by TM94)
    Mata is such a good player.
    He needs to do this to someone:

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    Our last 4 goals in the prem have been penos
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    What's the score now?
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    This game just got very, very interesting. :beard: There'll no doubt be a massive outcry at the referee if United come away with anything.
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    ^ lol Webb is the 12 man for man united.
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    Essien that is dire...
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    How much did man united pay the ref ? :L
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    (Original post by Stopmessing)
    What's the score now?
    Howard Webb 3 - 2 Howard Webb.
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    Hernandez should have got that to Welbeck. Decent shot though.
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    (Original post by johnharris19944)
    ^ lol Webb is the 12 man for man united.
    Do you have short term memory loss?
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    Who was it that predicted 4-3 to Utd?
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    That 2nd Penalty was a joke.

    If Utd win this game, they have only Webb to thank.
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    (Original post by Cannotbelieveit)
    That 2nd Penalty was a joke.

    If Utd win this game, they have only Webb to thank.
    And if Utd lose, Chelsea can thank Webb.

    Basically, he needs a new job
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    (Original post by scotttb)
    He needs to do this to someone:




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Updated: February 8, 2012
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