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Sunday: Chelsea v Man Utd - can you predict the score?

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    What's with all of the long range shooting? I know De Gea's slightly questionable, but not to that extent.
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    Okay that was definitely a foul.
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    Ooh. Looked like a penalty to me. Great run from Welbeck.
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    Here we go. The Webb circus begins again. FFS Clear foul on Welbeck.
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    Lucky we get all the decisions from Webb, and co.
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    That was a foul on Welbeck, should of been a free kick.
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    Going for a 2-0 Chelsea.
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    It was a foul but not a penalty.
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    Gary Cahill... Oh dear lucky lucky boy
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    Howard Webb is an incompetent **** who always messes up in big games...
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    (Original post by KingMessi)
    It was a foul but not a penalty.
    Lol yeah but a red card.
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    Utd should have had a penalty, smh
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    Anything that pisses off SAF makes me happy
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    Oh FFS, some of our passing has been dreadful.
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    ****ing **** webb. Clear a red as you'll see this week.
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    The referee is sleeping, he should get involved in the game a bit more.
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    Thanks to the referees decision, this game may end up as a 0-0.
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    **** off Webb, that was a good tackle from Torres. :mad:
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    (Original post by KingMessi)
    **** off Webb, that was a good tackle from Torres. :mad:
    Apart form standing on his ankle obviously.
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    (Original post by KingMessi)
    **** off Webb, that was a good tackle from Torres. :mad:
    He clearly stood directly on his ankle making him fall over lol?


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Updated: February 8, 2012
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