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Kindertransport for English Lit

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    My teacher has chosen for us to study Kindertransport as our set text for AQA English Lit (unit 1 exam the modern prose or drama)
    I have looked on the internet but can't seem to find any revision guides for it, can any one help me?
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    Ooooh I did 'Kindertransport' for AS level English Lit (WJEC). I didn't have a revision guide - I think you might be able to get away without using one. The language isn't too difficult to understand (I'm terrible with stuff like old English) and it's quite easy to just annotate it as you go along. I did a different specification to you, but I'd still say the most important things about studying the play are knowing the characters in lots of detail, and knowing the historical context that you can bring in to your answer. You can just look for this online.

    There are some websites that might have with 'Kindertransport' -

    Basically, the play's really emotive which helps you to understand the characters really well. Once you've empathised with them, it's then easy to analyse them. Hope this helps a bit.


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Updated: February 5, 2012
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