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    I am an overseas pharmacist.Few days back got approval from General Pharmaceutical society UK to start OSPAP ....Want to join Brighton Uni so sent my preference list back to them along with kingston university....
    Anyone can tell me how long it can take now?
    Further how difficult it is now a days to get pre registration place
    I dnt have visa problem as i am on dependant visa can anybody please tell me if there is a chance of getting good job after this course
    Help help Urgently
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    I am going to brighton university this year. Just passed their online assessment test of Pharmaceutical calculations. I am not sure about pre-registration training places that the only point I am confused as well. But i applied for Tesco and superdrug but I am not sure whether it will work for OSPAP students or not. Some says that employers come to universities as well.
    Lets see.
    Now you will get response directly from Preferred universities.
    Good Luck.
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    I have applied for pre reg at few places but my main interest is in hospital pharmacy ....let's c if I am lucky enough yet I have no pharmacy experience in UK community or Hospital pharmacy......
    Can anyone plz guide how can I get work experience in hosptl pharmacy...
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    hi i am going for ospap at aston uni, anyone please help me withe pre reg nhs resitration stuff..
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    hello ,i am still looking to apply for OSPAP but no idea how it works and some help i need from colleagues.
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    You can get detail information bout OSPAP on Gphc website.
    Have you passed your IELTS?

    For Pre-registration training I am struggling as well I applied for NHS lets see what happen.

    Good Luck


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