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What did you aspire to be when you were young?

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    I can't really remember, but my brother went through phases of wanting to be:

    - A police dog
    - A police horse
    - A fire engine

    He was a lot older than you'd expect someone wanting these careers to be. :rolleyes:

    I did want to be a pokemon at one point. Yes, you read correctly, not a pokemon master like Ash, Brock or Misty, but a POKEMON, like Pikachu.
    Ah, aspirations!
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    (Original post by HellOnHighHeels)
    That would be so cool!
    I think I went through a phase like that. I blame Jurassic park!
    I vaguely remember wishing for a pet dinosaur. Oh, my 4-year-old odd mind!
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    Grave digger
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    And later on:
    Rock star
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    I wanted to be a tooth fairy Still wouldn't mind such a career
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    (Original post by NightBear)
    I wanted to be a tooth fairy Still wouldn't mind such a career
    I'd love that! Mostly because I'd be able to fly...
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    (Original post by lizolove)
    I'd love that! Mostly because I'd be able to fly...
    Same! Not so much that I get to gift money to toothless kids, but, the being-able-to-fly bit is pretty awesome.
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    I had loads of career ambitions, but farmer and doctor were my two main ones.
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    Investment banker

    me kid....

    A lorry driver actually
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    Mathematician..... then Entrepreneur.
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    I always wanted to work in Mission Control in NASA
    When we had a dressing up day in primary school and the theme was space everyone else came as aliens/spacemen and I rocked up in a shirt, tie and name-badge
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    Lol mine was really silly.... I wanted to be a barbie doll designer
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    I went through phases of aspiring to different careers, though the main professions were a lawyer or actress.
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    Zoologist for the largest part of my life, then I realised I had to be good at science, and threw away the idea.
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    I wanted to be :

    an author
    an archaeologist
    a zoologist
    an air traffic controller

    My daughter (who is 6) wants to be an astronaut. When she was 3 she wanted to be a primary school teacher.

    My son (who is 4) wants to be a train driver...but he also wants to be Ben 10, and a dinosaur, and spiderman, and sticky boy (his own superhero invention lol).

    My other son (who is 2) wants to be a train driver as well.
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    When I was about 4, I wanted to be a clown. I took it far too seriously and would only answer to the name "Coco" for a few months.

    Then I wanted to be a palaeontologist. I was really serious about that one, I was a little dino expert :yep:
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    Anything that pays the bills and isn't soul destroying and gives me time to pursue music on the side.
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    An Artist.


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Updated: May 15, 2012
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