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Scenes from movies that made you cry

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    i dont cry at films for some reason, but have found some quite sad, the most recent being the ending of the boy in striped pyjamas. my mum is terrible for crying at films though, cant leave her alone watching the true movies channel as i come back to find her in tears. the most recent one she has cried at is the majority of war horse apparently, though the only one we really mock her is that she cried during the pokemon movie, she wasnt even a fan of pokemon, but we made her take us when we were younger and next thing i know is she's crying at ash and pikachu nearly dying, shes terrible.

    my sister has cried at a couple here and there and used to cry at beauty and the beast as she didnt like the man and wanted the beast back instead of him, she was only young though.lol
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    The bit where Milky gets beaten up in This Is England
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    (Original post by xxAuraliaxx)
    the green mile ...

    into the wild ....
    It says to name the scenes in the film that made you cry.. so every part of it made you cry?

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    BAMBI :'(
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    When Orlando Bloom falls out of the helicopter in Blackhawk Down - because it marked the start of his career.
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    (Original post by Quornslice)
    Does all of War Horse count?

    :bawling: :bawling: :bawling:

    (Original post by redferry)
    The bit where Milky gets beaten up in This Is England
    Agreed. That's an amazing film though.
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    Toy Story 3 where they're all heading for the furnace. :cry:
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    To be honest if there's a sad bit in a film i'll usually cry at it. I'm an emotional person when it comes to films. I was crying at the end of the Les Miserables 25th anniversary DVD too.
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    Toy Story 3. Right at the end.

    This one isn't a film as such, but the end of Professor Layton and the Lost Future.
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    Parts of Braveheart and the majority of Hugo.
    I'm a movie wimp though, the slightest thing makes me cry, hahh!
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    Tarka the Otter :cry:
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    (Original post by lonely14)
    Came here to say this. The first time I watched it (only last year!) I was an absolute wreck.
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    All the Snape scenes in Deathly Hallows part 2.

    The end of Atonement, particularly when her voice cracks as she says "I gave them their happiness".
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    Schindler's list, at the end when the Jews he saved give him that gift.

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    When the woman regains her memory (temporarily) towards the end of The Notebook...not ashamed to say I cried!
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    The whole of the married life montage in Up.
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    Marley and Me, when Owen Wilson's character says something like "we love you so much...you're a great dog" to Marley at the end :cry:

    When I went to watch Tangled I didn't expect to cry at all but I welled up at the bit where the king cries because his daughter is missing, and when Rapunzel and Flynn are in the boat together singing. Such a sap
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    'I am legend' pretty much changed the mental image I got from that Bob Marley song completely..


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