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Boys, if a girl told you she wanted to be dominated...

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    (Original post by Lucia.)
    I have a problem with wanting to be dominated in bed. Most guys have said no. *sniff*
    Find that hard to believe tbh..

    Maybe it's the kind of guys you attract/go for.

    (Original post by Converse)
    Find that hard to believe tbh..

    Maybe it's the kind of guys you attract/go for.

    I'm working on it. :cool:

    (Original post by Lucia.)

    I'm working on it. :cool:
    Given the opportunity, I'd love to.

    I've just seen this thread, and you've taken the words right out of my mouth! Couldn't agree more:

    (Original post by James4d)
    So, basically, if a couple enjoy engaging in rough sex- the man secretly enjoys rape and the girl... secretly enjoys it too?

    Its kinky, its fun, its raw, its cathartic. I dont take dominating to the extent of some (I personally dont go as far as to hit my girlfriend) but if thats what people are into, so be it.

    In my opinion there is no link between aggressive sex, between two consenting adults, and rape. Because the both parties are consenting. The guy know the girl enjoys it, and visa versa.

    One theory stems from the fact that free sex (until recent decades) was viewed as 'wrong' by many people, so enforcing it, as it were, means that the receiving participant can enjoy it without feeling guilty of the 'wrongness' (awkward wording but it was something like that, from what I remember).

    The point doesnt matter, what does matter is you should not be so condescending as to claim that the sex between a couple is somehow 'wrong' because you dont see the appeal.

    Connecting it to rape is absolutely ridiculous. It does not reflect on the two individuals as having degrading personality traits at all.

    As a final note- anyone who frowns upon or claims in any way (as you have done) that what two consenting adults get up to in their sexual lives is in some way 'not what should be done' is at best prudish, and at worst, completely idiotic. It is almost as bad as people who claim gay sex is 'wrong'.

    Rule no1 about thoughts on kink: if people enjoy it, that's their business, you have no right to look down on them, or to attribute their activities to something as vile as rape.
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