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The Filipino Society: Mabuhay!

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    Hey there, TSR Filipino/Half-Filipino/A Quarter Filipino users!:yy: I noticed that there are Filipinos who are in this forum. So I've decided to create 'The Filipino Society: Mabuhay!' Please feel free to join.
    It's the right place & time to get together! **group hug**

    Latest News:
    Nagtatag | Founder:

    Mga Pinahahalagahang Kasapi Ng Samahang Ito | The Valued Members Of This Society:
    • amadoriv
    • aRJi
    • badboi
    • charlsy
    • coolershaka
    • cpa04jd
    • cutie flip
    • dementedbunny
    • emmz23
    • jay90
    • j.r.87
    • lhukhe09
    • Logan
    • pineappleipod
    • groovyPARTYcle!
    • Rugar
    • Stone
    • Unity
    • walalang
    • yoshin

    TFS:M! Member Of The Month: ____________

    Tune Quote
    "...Pinoy ka sigaw na, sige
    Kung maganda ka sigaw na, sige
    Kung buhay mo'y mahalaga, sige
    Salamat sa yong suporta..."
    Bebot - Black Eyed Peas
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    Sign me up.
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    wooh, i'm the second member,lol :party:
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    What about quarter-Filipinos? Not me, but just wondering!
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    I was at a traditional Filipino birthday yesterday, participating as a rose. Food was great!
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    hehe thank mark
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    Jasundie>>> i'm filipino but i don't know any tradional filipino birthday thingy...please explain do you mean the party where 18 guys with a rose each dance with the birthday girl?
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    wots filipino? is that like a type of pastry? can i join
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    pastry?? :eek: filipinos are people from the philippines...
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    (Original post by miss_lovely)
    wots filipino? is that like a type of pastry? can i join
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    Putanginamo Select few words from my vast range of words in tagalog
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    lololol hehehehehehe i love that word
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    Game ka na ba?

    The Philippines are great, sunny, pretty and the people are really friendly. Not so sure about the balut though....
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    whut are u talking bout eh?
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    *still thinking about the pastry comment* *cries maniacally*
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    Hehe!! I can't believe that miss lovely thought that filipinos were a type of pastry!!!! hehe! :laugh:
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    lol I think she was implying that since pastries are nice so as Filis :P
    Liked my logic? hehe ^.^
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    hahaha!! xD

    Philippines.. home of the Filipinos [a tan-colored pastry]!! =D

    ahihi.. juk..
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    haha, that's funny
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