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Healthy New You: Your Change For Life #2

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    (Original post by marmalady)
    Lovely! What breed is he? And does he have a name yet?! x
    He's a bichon cavalier cross, called Scamp! He'll make a great guard dog ;-).
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    It's been a successful day today - for the first time in ages I resisted buying junk food on the way home from work. I settled for an options hot chocolate with milk instead. :coma: I'm hoping that I'll get up in time to hit the gym tomorrow so I can eat more.
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    TOTM due on Monday, Valentine's chocolates and got a Christmas selection box from someone we were supposed to see at Christmas but didn't manage to find times we were both free.. so as a result of this, I am not going anywhere near scales this week. Just cannot face it tbh, as I know I will have gained at least a little bit. But as soon as all of this chocolate has gone I'll be right back to it!

    Will try and get some exercise done over the next couple of days to at least attempt to limit the damage.
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    (Original post by xoxAngel_Kxox)
    That's brilliant! Well done. Also I'm very jealous that you've been to NY, I love it there. Haven't been since 2006, can't believe that's almost 6 years ago!
    Thankyou! Yeah, it's really good isn't it? I've been before too, about 8 years ago now, although only for a couple of days. It's really busy and hectic though, quite glad to be back now
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    Got my exam results yesterday for my huge 'Production Animal and Public Health' exam. Was hoping for a pass seeing as during the exam it just felt like I was making things up as I went along and didn't really know what I was talking about. BUT I got an A :eek:!!! Was completely in shock.
    So naturally had to go out and celebrate. Managed not to have chips on the way home and had a really good night, so just going to ignore it.

    After over a week on antibiotics finally feel like some exercise tolerance is coming back (took me an hour to walk to uni on Monday instead of my usual 35 mins). So may go for a short run today and back to taking it easy on the pole
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    I haven't posted on here lately, its because I'm hardly on the computer atm, and I hate TSR on my iphone!! They need to make an app!

    Official weigh in was yesterday, down to 10st 1.75 lbs I am so determined to work hard to lose that last 1.75 lbs this week, and get down to 10st!!!

    Also, re-discovered my love of ice skating yesterday! It was the first time in years I have been, but after a timid start I realised how much I missed the ice. Its so hard to get to the rink where I live, there is none near me, which really annoys me. I'm going to try to go more on the weekends, and when I start uni in September I'm definitely going to take it up regularly.
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    Just been for a mini run, proud of myself for going out, but only managed 2 miles.
    Hopefully once this infection has completely cleared and I'm off the antibiotics things will be back to normal!
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    It's cold and raining and I'm home alone, which makes me want to curl up on the sofa with a big mug of hot chocolate and a giant bag of chocolate buttons watching a film, in a duvet. Instead, I'm eating cucumber sticks with a big glass of water and doing my dissertation. Sad times.
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    Boyfriend is taking me out to TGI Friday's tonight. So not good for the waistline xD
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    Just got home from Wetherspoon's with my friends. Had bacon carbonara pasta which was apparently 1,050 calories. Bloody tiny portion as well! I hope that included the 2 slices of garlic bread that came with it.

    Anyway, now having a crunchie. Figured I might as well seeing as I've been awful this week anyway. Need to get this selection box (don't ask) gone before I can even think about dieting again!

    What's worse than eating out when you know the calories are awful? Your friends insisting on talking about your weight loss while you're eating it! TORTURE.
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    I seriously don't know how Wetherspoons manage to stuff so many calories into their food! I think even their baked potatoes are like 800-1000 calories! A baked potato!
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    So...today has been a complete fail...
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    I'm just focusing on the sugar levels right now...

    The other day I "started" a reduced sugar diet and ended up starving myself at work, which ultimately led to having "one" chocolate hobnob.... ended up eating 20 and having 3 coffees with 1x sugar in each. Man my sugar intake is horrendous Can most certainly relate to the highs and lows which are brought on by it

    Yesterday and today have been pretty much sugar free

    - lunch was 4x chicken and lettuce sandwiches
    - snack was a prawn salad and packet of crisps
    - 3 cups of coffee with no sugar
    - 1x pineapple stick
    - dinner was chicken, chips, beans and brown bread

    Ok, probably went OTT on carbs, but beats 20x hobnobs :rolleyes:
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    Did Level 2 of 30DS for the first time in a few weeks today... oh god my abs!

    Also, leftover Valentines chocolate in the fridge keeps throwing me off
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    (Original post by amizzle91)
    I seriously don't know how Wetherspoons manage to stuff so many calories into their food! I think even their baked potatoes are like 800-1000 calories! A baked potato!
    They must put lard into every dish, it's the only explanation. They had some noodles which were low cal but I didn't know whether I'd like them, but one of my friends ordered them and they were nice so at least I know for next time .
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    I can relate to the sugar problem! I seriously think I have an addiction - I bought a (large) chocolate bar on the way home from work and was disappointed I couldn't eat it while walking home because I was on the phone. As soon as I got home, I didn't even wait to change out of my uniform or clear my desk to eat it! Appalling! I'm considering having a cheat day tomorrow but to have only had 1 chocolate bar in two days is shamefully an achievement at the moment...

    On the on hand it might help me not to drastically fall off the bandwagon, but on the other it might push me right off!

    Cravings are always worst for me after work so I'll see how I feel tomorrow. Thankfully I'm doing a day shift tomorrow so I can come home and cook myself something lovely (I thinking chicken).

    Today was okay. Still under maintenance by enough to give me a 0.72lb loss a week but that's not ideal. I'm going to try and wake up early tomorrow to hit the gym but having had a week of late nights due to work and study I'm not sure that will happen - I woke up well past 12 today!
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    It's a beautiful day in London today so I decided to get up at 8am to go for a jog. Super sunny, a little breezy and I also had a delightful chat with a cute guy jogger. :coma: Is this what the world is like when I'm asleep?! Why did no one tell me?

    Breakfast: homeblended strawberry and Greek yoghurt smoothie. Bit tart and sour but nice! No added sugar.
    Lunch: Tomato soup, cucumber and lettuce. *
    Dinner: Salmon and kale.*
    Snacks: almonds, protein shake.

    (*Obviously haven't had all my meals at once; this is for later consumption. You can stop judging me now. )

    Going to do 30DS and squats/raises/extensions at gym later. I think I've finally hit my plateau and I want to reach all my goals before May so I'm going to drop swimming soon and take up freeweights properly. Quite scared but as always: nothing ventured, nothing gained. All the noob gains! :woo:
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    Got on the scales this morning because I'm too impatient and CAN'T not step on them. Same weight as I was last week, which tbh I found just astounding. This week I've had:

    -12 pieces of fudge.
    -4 pieces of toffee.
    -Handful of Revels.
    -8 Lindor chocolate ball things.
    -2 packets of Lindor mini eggs.
    -Packet of chocolate buttons (small packet).
    -Little bar of Cadbury's.
    -Bar of Cadbury's caramel.

    ..and I still haven't gained. AND TOTM is due, which means I really should have gained at least a little bit. Also won £10 on the lottery last night, so I'm feeling slightly cocky this morning.

    However, I only have a flake and a fudge to go, and then I can get back to it. Sounds like the exercise cancelled out any naughtiness this week, so fingers crossed I can make next week even better.
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    At home at the moment, and weighed myself this morning, I think I'm around 12 stone 3. Which is great for me
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    As predicted, I woke up too late to go to the gym. I'm still amazed that I was up on time for work to be honest! I'll go tomorrow because I have a fair bit of free time then. :yep:
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