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How much money did you spend on your driving lessons?

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    How much did you spend on driving lessons in order for you to pass your practical driving test?
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    Can't remember precisely how many lessons, somewhere between 25 and 30. Booked them in blocks of 5 at £100 per block, so between 500 and 600.

    Combine that with the cost of the provisional licence, the theory test, the practical test, and the cost of hiring a car for the practical as my instructor went on holiday and we're looking at between £800 and £900 for the whole lot.
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    All in all its cost near enough £700 - I feel sorry for my parents as there are two of us!
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    I kinda lost count, but I think I probably spent around £1500 - I was a slow nervy learner :o:
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    £240 odd, including using the car for practical test. I got a couple of lessons free for recommendations so I had 16 in total at £20 a lesson.

    If you want my advice, spend the money to find a decent instructor. Don't think "well I've had one lesson i may as well continue with this guy" if you don't get on you don't get on, not all instructors click with all students. Good instructors are hard to come by.
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    I had 20 lessons, and i cant remember now how much each lesson cost. But I paid for them in blocks of 10 though to be fair. I also did three lessons a week for the first three weeks, then went down to two. Due to having more than one lesson a week I picked things up easier and was able to pass first time with 3 minors

    No matter what though, it is going to cost a fortune lol.
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    i spent nothing on my driving lessons and tests, and i fail the practical 4 times...

    but passed my C and my C+E first time
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    Way too much! I failed my test twice and swapped instructors 5 times.

    But compared to the money I have to spend to get a car and insure it, it seems like nothing.
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    I had about 40 lessons at £17 each so £680 and adding on theory and practical that'll be about £780. Damn, didn't realise it costs so much but thank god it's over and done with now.
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    A quick calculation shows I paid about £640. That was having lessons from April-November in 2009.
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    £1700 quid the driving instructors were nice to me, mow i know why! Ihad about 70 lessons and 3 tests.
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    about 30 lessons @ £17.50 per lesson.. not including petrol for private practice.. the cost one one theory test & two practicals tests (failed first time, but got zero minors the second)
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    £630 for 30 (£210 for 10)
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    Well I had double lessons a week..so £38 a week. Had like 100 lessons worth (shocking but they were broken up in my defense and a range of instructors!)..So that's £1900 (I think). Not to mention the theory test and then the actual practical test which *surprise surprise* i passed first time...
    Multiply that by two for my sister who was taking lessons at the same time...my poor father :facepalm2:. I'm not proud...
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    I'd genuinely advise you, if possible, to learn with your mum/dad. I also bought 5 lessons for £56, so I learnt my mirrors, blind spots, etc. Your parent's can teach you how to drive; your instructor can teach you how to pass the test
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    I spent £1003 on my driving test. Passed first time.
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    Too much
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    Provisional - No idea - got that over 5 years ago.
    Theory Test - Approx £30 [back in 2010].
    Lessons - 20 at £18 an hour [including the hour for the test]. [Amazing instructor, by the way, so if you are looking for lessons up around Durham, I'd definitely recommend.]
    Test - £62.

    Total - £452 [plus the provisional at whatever that cost].

    I am just so pleased to have done it now. For years I had no interest in it at all. Then I decided to take lessons in October [a month or two into my pgce] and passed my test in February [after having a month/5 weeks without lessons in December].


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