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Anyone else seeing University meme pages on their facebook?

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    I think they're hilarious haha, my university has yet to get one though.
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    Yes! And I commend my fellow students efforts, they're actually pretty hilarious.
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    what does meme mean?
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    I've seen them from other people's unis. That's less funny.

    We don't have memes all we have is Roger
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    My university has a page, but it really is 'hit or miss'. Some are funny, others embarrassing.
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    Yes- they are hilarious, I've been laughing out loud.
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    (Original post by jelly1000)
    yes- they are hilarious, i've been laughing out loud.

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    Yes! The Cardiff ones make me laugh so much because they are so true -
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    There's a University of Leicester one, but I'm at De Montfort, so we don't have one and pretty much are the subject of jokes :L
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    Is there a UCL one?
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    Is this literally a <week old phenomenon?
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    (Original post by Arekkusu)
    Is this literally a &lt;week old phenomenon?
    Pretty much, UBC started on 2nd Feb...then Glasgow...then Edinburgh...pretty quickly spread round Scotland and only seen English ones in past 2 days or so.
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    Yep, Kent Uni has one too. Some of them have actually made me laugh.
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    Yep. St Andrews Memes:


    We started it 'cause we're awesome.
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    The UCL ones are amazing

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    I just created the Nottingham one guys!
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    The Royal Holloway one got 1,000 likes in about six hours...We're now on over 2,000. Considering our student population is only 8,000, it's pretty amazing! They're so funny. This is the best trend ever.
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    BNU has one, funny as ****.

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    We have one, love it, about 1700 likes overnight. Half of ours is just laughing at Bath Spa though...


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Updated: February 19, 2012
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