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MUN Rolecall

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    Myanmar here.
  2. Offline

    Charlottie93 here rep for Yemen
  3. Offline

  4. Offline

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    Representative of Thailand!
  6. Offline

    US here and clear, loud and proud, better than the rest!!!!
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    World food programme here.
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    (Original post by tinytadpoletim)
    The Republic of Korea, ready for action!

    I like!
    here as well
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    Sierra Leone and UNODA here!
  10. Online

    Argentina and Tanzania here.

    Will have world domination within the year!
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    Ukraine here.
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    HarveyCanis - Denmark and Iceland. Though I think I'd just like to have Iceland from now on. Iceland is chill.
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    San Marino here
  14. Online

    India and the Netherlands here. I no longer want to be the rep for the Netherlands though.
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    If you wish to step down or change your current roles please PM me.
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    Aek-94 - Bulgaria. I shall try to participate more in MUN discussions.
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    unicef here
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    wizardtop mun portugal been really busy with assignments of late but will try to be more active in the future
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    Pandora., Morocco checking in. Hopefully I'll be back getting involved now, sorry for my absence.
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    Madagascar checking in. Internet access here (in rural Madagascar) is limited, but will try to get as involved as possible.
Updated: February 21, 2012
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