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MUN Rolecall

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    Myanmar here.
  2. Offline

    Charlottie93 here rep for Yemen
  3. Offline

  4. Offline

  5. Offline

    Representative of Thailand!
  6. Offline

    US here and clear, loud and proud, better than the rest!!!!
  7. Offline

    World food programme here.
  8. Offline

    (Original post by tinytadpoletim)
    The Republic of Korea, ready for action!

    I like!
    here as well
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    Sierra Leone and UNODA here!
  10. Offline

    Argentina and Tanzania here.

    Will have world domination within the year!
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    Ukraine here.
  12. Offline

    HarveyCanis - Denmark and Iceland. Though I think I'd just like to have Iceland from now on. Iceland is chill.
  13. Offline

    San Marino here
  14. Offline

    India and the Netherlands here. I no longer want to be the rep for the Netherlands though.
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    If you wish to step down or change your current roles please PM me.
  16. Offline

    Aek-94 - Bulgaria. I shall try to participate more in MUN discussions.
  17. Offline

    unicef here
  18. Offline

    wizardtop mun portugal been really busy with assignments of late but will try to be more active in the future
  19. Offline

    Pandora., Morocco checking in. Hopefully I'll be back getting involved now, sorry for my absence.
  20. Offline

    Madagascar checking in. Internet access here (in rural Madagascar) is limited, but will try to get as involved as possible.
Updated: February 21, 2012
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