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Do you have a Sky subscription?

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    I'm just wondering if students take out subscriptions to services like Sky, Virgin Media etc or if you just stick with the free channels.
    If so why?
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    Freeview because I have the internet for everything else
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    Sky because we got the deal for landline and broadband as well.
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    I don't have Sky ... it seems popular?
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    My dad does, so I use it to watch Sky Go, mainly sport cos everything else is on the internet, without adverts.
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    We had Sky in my (4 person) shared house. Mainly because the all incusive package isn't much more expensive than Landline + Broadband costs anyway, so you might as well get the bonus of something like Sky+. We also got it half price (plus free Sky Movies and Sky Sports) for 6 months, as one of my flatmates was friends with a Sky rep. Broadband is near enough essential for Students these days - especially with more and more Universities increasingly using online resources and carrying out practically all communication via e-mail, whilst failing miserably to provide enough in the way of on-campu computer access - so, with home broadband a must, you might as well get a full package.

    It's also a trivial cost when split several ways as it will be in a student house - not a significant monthly outgoing.
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    Virgin Media
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    Sky TV & Phone & Virgin internet.
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    (Original post by clairelou90)
    Sky TV & Phone & Virgin internet.
    How are the costs with two separate providers?
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    We used to have broadband and landline through separate suppliers and managed to save a little bit of money on our monthly bill by combining with just one provider. That was a while ago though! Still haven't given in to paid-for telly though although I have been tempted...
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    (Original post by Student00009)
    Freeview None because I have the internet for everything else
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    I live with my parents, but we have Sky. When I was living in student accommodation we stuck with Freeview.
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    Sky+ for all the really random stuff on tv, BT for internet.

    <3 x
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    Sky TV appears popular ... wonder if its particular shows that appeal or whether they just have a variety of stuff to watch in general?
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    Have Sky but recently switched internets and BT gave us Vision on top. It is AMAZING. I was really skeptical but they preload so much. Currently watching Big Bang Theory & The Tudors from the first series.

    So basically Sky for general viewing, BT for catch ups.
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    We have Freeview in our house. We used to have a free Sky+ box, but my mum moaned that there were too many channels and got rid of it! :p:
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    There's no option for none
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    (Original post by K)
    I'm just wondering if students take out subscriptions to services like Sky, Virgin Media etc or if you just stick with the free channels.
    If so why?
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    i have sky, used to have virgin which was a much better overall package, cheaper, better broadand (due to the signal being carried by the tv cable, not the phone cable) better catchup tv than sky, and better customer service.
    unfortunately now I live out in the wilds of wales virgin is not an option!
    Also, i'm a mature student with a working partner and 2 kids, so may sway the poll somwewhat!
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    Did have freeview, but our box has broken, so for the last while we've done without TV at all. Still, hardly necessary when I can get everything online.


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