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How much do you spend on clothes/accessories per week/month?

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    Basically I'm trying to curb my spending on clothes, bags, jewellery etc that I don't really need but it's sooo hard because I work very close to lots of shops and always go out on my lunch break!

    Just wondered what is the norm that other people generally spend on such items?
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    I don't shop every week but it's probably in the region of about £30-40 a month.

    I budget myself pretty strictly so I don't spend money I don't have, and if I buy clothes then the tags stay on until right before I want to wear it. If it's not been worn in 28 days it gets returned.
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    Averaged out from the whole year probably about £10-15 a month. But I only go shopping twice/three times a year
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    Certainly this academic year (upper sixth) I do not go shopping - the last time I went was in October. :teehee: I'm not stingy, I just really hate it and do my best to avoid it. Often I just go shopping twice a year and buy the things I predict I will need and the total cost varies. If an event arises, I will just buy what I need, either on the internet or risk high street shopping!

    For example, in the winter my parents buy my coat and boots, and in return I just do things around the house. I pay for my own jackets and winterwear though.

    In the summer, I buy trousers/chinos/etc and other clothing items or accessories at the beginning

    However, my outfits aren't repetitive and I just mix and match.

    As for cutting your spending you just have to talk yourself into thinking you don't really need it. It's far better to have quality than quantity. :yep:
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    Thanks people

    (Original post by Persephone9)
    I don't shop every week but it's probably in the region of about £30-40 a month.

    I budget myself pretty strictly so I don't spend money I don't have, and if I buy clothes then the tags stay on until right before I want to wear it. If it's not been worn in 28 days it gets returned.
    And this 28 days return thing is a very good idea actually!! I think I may be becoming a shopaholic so I want to cut down now before it's too late! Haha.

    Maybe I should set a budget for myself next month.

    Are there other things that you find you overspend on instead that you should cut down on?
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    I guess it depends on the individual. I used to work in a big retail store and I couldn't help but spend my salary back in the company! It can be hard. But thesedays iv realized I have wayy to many clothes in my wardrobe, most of which dont even fit there and it looks a complete mess. After that, I rarely buy anything as I work full time and dont go out much. Plus I never really buy anything full time, its usually during sale or promotions of discounts.

    Going back to your question, I would probably spend no more than £20 on each clothing item
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    Usually nothing and then a big shop in the summer and then Septembery time. Though Topshop flats wear out like nothing on earth so that's quite a bit every few months (and the assistant always says "ooh these look comfortable!")...
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    At the moment it probably averages about £10 per month, if that. How much I spend on an item really depends on what it is - I tend to go for quality over quantity.
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    I only really buy things I need, so things like tights or vest tops to layer under stuff. Anything more exciting than that tends to wait for birthday and Christmas! So, probably about £10 a month.
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    An utterly horrific amount compared to most people in this thread

    Luckily for me my student loan covers all my expenses, my job pays for my clothing addiction
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    Over the past month I've spent over 1 grand because I went wild in the sales. They are all top quality items though that I'll get good wear out of, but that figure still makes me feel a bit nauseous!
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    Easily £100 a month.

    But as an PP said, if its not worn within a few weeks (usually 3 is my limit) I do take it back- usually to exchange for something else.

    OOOPS. I won't even tell you what I intend on doing when I get my first SL in September.
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    (Original post by Serentonin)
    An utterly horrific amount compared to most people in this thread
    Hahah ditto!!! Makes me feel like a complete shopping addict with people saying £10 a month! lol
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    I feel like monster after looking at this thread. I easily spend around 200 + on shopping a month. As weekly it may differ If I see something I like, but usually my Saturday shopping trips can cost a region of 40-60 pounds.
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    Probably about £200 or £300....I work full time though so that's fine right? Urgh.
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    Probably around £200 a month. I need to stop spending so much!
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    Probably about £10 a month, however not every month. Just when i need it
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    Probably about £250-300 a month on average, which is between 2-3 shopping trips and a bit of online shopping. I'm on placement, getting paid and working full time this year so I can afford it - next year when I'm back at university will be a whole different story!
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    I spend so much on clothes and accessories. I spend at the very least £150 a month sometimes double and more. I hate going shopping but I could easily spend all my wages online. ASOS make a fortune out of me alone.
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    I probably spend about £150 a month on clothes and make-up. I have a part time job while I'm at uni, so that's like three quarters of my wages gone I'd rather spend it than save tbh.


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