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What kind of pokemon are you?

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    Cos i'm pure awesomeness

    Attachment 133156

    I mean c'mon look at him!
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    (Original post by RadioHawk)
    Cos i'm pure awesomeness

    Attachment 133156

    I mean c'mon look at him!
    I'll always have a soft spot for Arcanine :yep:


    Your sig made me giggle :mmm:
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    (Original post by outworn)
    I'll always have a soft spot for Arcanine :yep:


    Your sig made me giggle :mmm:
    Arcanine + Goku
    Doesn't get more badass
    well maybe vegeta
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    Munchlax cause my family call me a human dustbin for eating everyone else's leftovers (where appropriate, though I'm not fat amazingly :rolleyes:)

    Also he's just plain cool
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    Best Pokemon, hands down.
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    I'd be a mudkip. v__v
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    I'd be this badass Click image for larger version. 

Name:	150510_1250455548669.15res_450_300.jpg 
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    This made me laugh so had to join in haha.

    My nickname is Skyeachu generally - Skye + Pikachu
    Though another of my friends call me Skyeduck - Skye + Psyduck.
    Reason for the second is coz he believes i'm cute but always confused... such a charmer.

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    Mewtwo cause im legendary like that.
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    My choices were psychic pokemons like Alakazam, because it is the most intelligent pokemon, Xatu, as it has the talent to look after the past and the future, or fighting ones which looks like traditional martial artists (Throh and Sawk).
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    I really liked Gengar, Haunter and Gastly!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My favorite ghost form would be Golurk. I just like pokemons which background refer to a myth. And if I'm not mistaken it's a golem.
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    Probably one like Dusknoir...'cause the minute I walk in the room, everybody loses the will to live
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    Nidorino, as i grow up i become more fierce
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    including all pokemon, i'd be corphish. i make life a living hell at home and friends at school

    for those nostalgia-blinded people who insisted on the 151, i'd be snorlax, cos i'm always hungry and lazy


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