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Food and Drink: TotoMimo's Magical Munchie Makers!

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    Sounds strange, but trust me, it works, Antiaris... but I make a really nice chunky English Mustard Guacamole.

    It's basically just avocado, onion, serrano peppers, tomato, garlic, salt, pepper, lime juice, and as much or as little Colmann's mustard to taste. It sounds weird but by adding the Colmanns you get a nice hum/nip that resonates well on the palate with the creamy avocado.

    My ingredient is... BRIOCHE!
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    Chocolate chip brioche and butter pudding!!! Mmm...

    Ingredient: mint sauce
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    Sounds mad, I know, but - Toast, Mature Cheese (melted) with mint sauce, and either chopped Silverskin onions or cornichons.

    You get the rich cheese, the fragrant mint, then it's cut by the pickled veggies. NYUM.

    MY INGREDIENT IS: LAMB MINCE! (Betcha you say Moussaka. BETCHA).
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    Homemade lamb mince and rosemary meat balls!
    in a garlic tomato sauce, deeeelish.

    batter mix?
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    Baked apple and custard yorkshire puddings!

    Pour batter into boiling hot muffin tin with a little oil, rise like crazy.
    Fill puds with apple that has been annihilated in the microwave, pour over custard.


    How about Black cabbage? (I have some in the fridge, trying to find interesting ways to do it...)
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    Antiaris, I personally think the darker-hued cabbages stand up exceptionally well to more dominant spices; and as such I would make a lovely Curry Shallot Coleslaw.

    Take some shredded cabbage, some medium diced shallot, shredded carrot; and for the liquid component, mix some coriander, mayo, garam masala/generic curry powder, salt and pepper - mix up vigorously. Be sure to use medium-diced shallots to retain crunch and flavour!

    WARNING: Not edible pre-kissing. But tastes incredible with cheeses or salty meats like pastrami.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Toffee_Fudge.jpg 
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    "Toffee flavour real dairy ice cream, with fudge chunks and a rich toffee ripple."


    Kidney beans.
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    With your kidney beans, I would make some soaked Puy Lentils and sautee some kidney beans, tomatoes and onions, fry up some aubergine slices, and make a 3-layer stack topped off with some melted camembert.

    My ingredient is WHITE CHOCOLATE.
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    Been trying to think of something at least a little odd for it so...

    Lime profiteroles.

    Melt the white chocolate in a glass bowl over boiling water. Make your choux pastry my melting some butter in another pan of boiling water over heat. dump in flour, stir until it comes off of sides at low temp. Crack in a few eggs. Using a pipette make little choux blobs. Bake at gas mark 3.

    Whisk whipping cream with the zest and juice of a couple of limes. Maybe a little salt.

    Pop the choux balls out, fill with cream. Over the hole used to fill the cream pour the molten white chocolate.

    Lime is interchangeable with dark chocolate and cherry cream or a sharp raspberry.

    My ingredient;

    A herb. Basil.
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    Antiaris, I say you should make Sausage, Basil and Mustard Conchiglie.

    It's hot Italian sausages, de-skinned and crumbled, double cream, white wine, non-ground mustard, crushed red pepper and thinly cut basil and a dash of olive oil.

    I think it's a Nigel Slater recipe I used to follow, but I've kinda adapted it.

    Use the sausage in a pan with the oil, brown it all off, simmer it in with the wine. Ad the cream, mustard and pepper, simmer and reduce. Then add it to the cooked pasta and toss in the basil.

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    I think you should make banana-stuffed peanut butter french toast.

    ingredient - green grapes (ew)
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    (Original post by *custardcream)
    I think you should make banana-stuffed peanut butter french toast.

    ingredient - green grapes (ew)
    Melt some toblerone/chocolate/nutella and dip those grapes in

    Ingredient- strawberry (make your own) jelly
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    trifle :sogood:


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    (Original post by skipp)
    trifle :sogood:


    Can't enjoy a parsnip without a fair deal of honey!

    Pak Choi
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    (Original post by MelissaJayne)
    Can't enjoy a parsnip without a fair deal of honey!

    Pak Choi
    Chinese Braised belly pork with greens

    My ingredient:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	zeraim1.jpg 
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    Hm, vine tomatoes are best just oven baked for a little while in my opinion Or put in tin foil with a fillet of salmon, some chilli, lemon juice&soy sauce and a few other veg and baked.



    Cucumber. (apologies if this has been done, I'm too tired to go back through 6 pages to check!)
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    shredded in a duck pancake

    natural yoghurt?
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    I'd make ayran (a yoghurt drink)...or mago lassi! :sexface:

    My ingredient is...duck!
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    duck should ALWAYS be part of crispy duck/soy sauce/pancakes/spring onion party.
    The best starter, ever. Or up there in the top 5.

    My ingredient is stale bread..
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    Cut into triangles, line a glass bowl with it.
    Defrost a bag of summer berries in the microwave with 2 tbsp sugar and a little salt. Pour in the berries, reserving liquid.
    Put the final bit of bread over the top. Spread over the top the liquid. Cover with clingfilm, put a heavy plate on top.
    Put in fridge for 2 hours minimum.
    SUMMER PUDDING! Serve with Creme Fraiche or Greek Yogurt

    The mystery ingredient is...
    Butternut squash!


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