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9 months later and i'm still learning!!

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    (Original post by Benpaa)
    5 months 0 minors sup?
    Try doing your test around here. It's supposedly dangerous to stop that a car hits you in the back, but it's not dangerous to run people over

    Also, according to my driving instructor, we have the most traffic lights per capita than the whole of Europe. Roundabouts are annoying here (Much more than back home)

    According to a friend that's passed, they'd hate to have done their test here, compared to where they did their test
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    I've been an on-and-off learner for 3 years (though I've totally stopped now due to the fact I have no job atm and I'm in uni).

    9 months is fine (y). I think it depends on how many hours and whether you have a car to practice in outside lessons too.
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    (Original post by LauraMial)
    I'm sorry but nine months!! it's crazy! people here have their driving license after 5 months... Have you attended a driving school?
    I know a girl that's been learning a year. To be honest, i'd rather have learned after 9 months and ultimately be a better driver because of it than rush into it and be a reckless one. I understand some people learn in a short space of time and are great drivers- my friend is a perfect example of this but that doesn't mean me passing a test after just 5 months will make me a great driver.

    It doesn't matter now, i've passed and that's all that matters.


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Updated: March 9, 2012
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