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Foundation Studies for International Student

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    Hi everyone,

    I am 17 yrs old and am thinking of pursuing a career as a solicitor. I am currently doing my A levels at a college in Singapore. I have done some research on the net and come across Law Foundation course offered by private college e.g Bellerbys.
    On the other hand, there are a couple of UK universities offering Law Foundation Programme for international students. Besides comparing fees and accomdation experditure, what are the pros and cons between a Law Foundation in Bellerbys and Law Foundation Studies by let's say KCL?

    1. Does foundation studies in Uni give me an added advantage for my undergrad
    application into the same Uni?

    2. Is the Uni environemnt suitable for 16, 17 plus? My mum is concerned that I might
    not be able to cope well with campus life, feeling loss in a crowd. She feels studing
    alongside people of my age group first will be a better transition to campus life
    subsequenty. Any opinion on campus life in the Uni? Are you very much on your

    Anyone has first hand experience doing either the Foundation studies in Bellerbys or the Foundation Studies for Internationl students in the Uni, please share. Or anyone has any views on this, kindly share. Thanks.


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Updated: February 11, 2012
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