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GCSE Results day March 2012

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Results day: make sure you know what to expect before you get your grades. Here's how to be ready. 22-07-2016

    (Original post by izpenguin)
    tell me about it!! was so annoyed but I guess when the marks are totalled up into a grade one mark shouldn't count too much

    (Original post by GreenLantern1)
    Yes I merked it:

    Actually got a clean sweep of 100's.YESSSSS!!!!!

    Biology (B1B2B3) 100% A*
    Chemistry (C1C2C3) 100% A*
    Physics (P1P2P3) 100% A*
    AS-Level ICT (INFO 1) 100% A (can't get an A* at AS-Level)
    Same! Which exam board were u on?

    i did three exams, and only got 1 result. like wtf.

    i got Biology - A* (94/100)

    should've got History, but all of our school's History results were terrible, 50% of the people who took it failed, so everyone's is getting remarked, and they won't give us English until Monday.

    its called RESULTS day not result day.

    English Language: A* (113/120 UMS)
    Biology B2: A*
    Physics P2: A
    Chemistry C2: C

    Soooo so so happy with these, was expecting a C in english and a D in Chemistry! (I got a U in the chemistry mock!)


    bio aqa unit 2 - 100ums
    chemistry " " - 95 ums
    physics " " - 98 ums
    english language ( dont know the unit) - 113/120 ums

    so happy!

    Aqa chemistry :A*
    Aqa biology :A
    Aqa physics : A

    I'm very very very happy!!! (except A level maths C4 which I would have liked to have done better on, but I'm not upset about it and I guess it doesn't really matter, I'm just a perfectionist and want to go to Cambridge and have no clue what on earth I did to lose 5 (raw) marks on a maths exam - please don't think I mad, I've actually never lost more than 1 on any maths exam ever and I think Cambridge put most weight on C3 and C4, but I'm still very happy to have officially (well, I'm not cashing it in til summer) finished A level maths) lol :L

    So well, I got:
    AQA Biology Unit 2: 100/100 :eek: no idea how, that paper was ridiculous!
    Chemistry 100/100
    Physics 100/100
    AQA EPQ Level 2 A* (they don't give UMS/raw mark on the sheet for it)

    and 100/100 in D1 (Edexcel A level maths)
    90/100 in C4

    Oh my gosh, reading through all of these results is making me feel properly thick :/
    Today I got:
    Biology unit 2 (AQA) - C
    Chemistry unit 2 (AQA) - A*
    Physics unit 2 (AQA) - D
    Food technology coursework (OCR) - A*
    I also found out my English speaking and listening results, which I got 40/45 for so hopefully that'll be an A* as well.
    I have also achieved full marks in everything I've ever done in French so hopefully this makes up for my somewhat mediocre grade in physics.. which, may I add, I have an A* and an A already towards my final grade in.. so I'm fairly disappointed. I'm pleased with my chemistry result though, was not at all expecting that!
    Well done to everyone, you're all brainboxes

    My Yr 11 brother got an A in IGCSE maths, just two or three marks short of an A*, in fact he got the same mark he got last summer when he was in Yr 10. (He was resitting for the A* as his school thought he should sit his maths a year early). He wants to do Maths and Further Maths at A level. Does anyone have any advice?

    Should he resit it in the summer?

    I got

    P2: 100UMS A*
    C2: 100UMS A*
    B2: 88UMS A
    English: 113UMS A*
    Geography: 48 UMS A

    In my biology i got 47/50 on both of the papers last year and i got 35/40(raw marks) on the ISA. Can i still get a A* considering that i still have to do B3 in the summer?

    Got 100UMS on Unit 2 Bio, Chem and Phys. Feel like a right freak mind - I remember in Jan when my teachers were like, "You should all be revising properly, last year we had a student who got all of the marks in these exams" and I was sat there like "wtf what a saddo they must have been revising for hours"
    To compensate, I've scraped a C in English Lit. woops

    I got a lovely set of 100% in AQA:
    • Thread Starter

    (Original post by ImWithTheBand)
    My Yr 11 brother got an A in IGCSE maths, just two or three marks short of an A*, in fact he got the same mark he got last summer when he was in Yr 10. (He was resitting for the A* as his school thought he should sit his maths a year early). He wants to do Maths and Further Maths at A level. Does anyone have any advice?

    Should he resit it in the summer?
    he can sit (bold text).Just off an A* in IGCSE=A* GCSE-IGCSE Is harder.

    I got:

    AQA chemistry c3- a* 93
    AQA Physics p2- a* 98
    WJEC English Lit- a* 66 (So happy about English, I thought I was going to get a b/c! )

    I got an A in English Language- AQA

    Got full marks on my poetry paper for Edexcel English literature, I was so relieved! I thought the paper went so badly.
    Well done everyone on their results! I'm counting down to April 19 now...

    (Original post by abigailab)
    Same! Which exam board were u on?
    OCR gateway for the science GCSEs. AQA for the ICT A LEVEL

    Happy with my results (though they are nowhere near as good as some of the results I've seen here).
    -AQA English Language/English: B (89/120), did better in the mock! Got an A in the mock, this really disappointed me, but it's better having this then a C or a D 'gulp'.
    -OCR 21st Century Core Science (Units B3, C3 and P3): A (42/60), happy with this! No need for a re-sit, but I would have preferred these grades to be the other way round :rolleyes:
    Thank goodness I'm doing English Literature in college (got an A in the exam in the summer )

    I'm more worried about April 19th, I'm dreading the Maths, need to get an A (that B won't do ). If I do, I'm interested in studying it in college. Hope everyone got the results they wanted today! Wish everyone the best of luck in their last exams in summer .

    Physics A* 100 UMS
    English lit A* 73/80
    English Lang A* 118/120

    everyone got such great results! well done. i'm happy with mine i was expecting a lot worse in english lit.

    (Original post by Dalek1099)
    he can sit (bold text).Just off an A* in IGCSE=A* GCSE-IGCSE Is harder.
    Do you mean he can just go straight on and study further maths. Or should he resit the IGCSE in June and try and elevate it to an A*?


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