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The things you like or dislike about your own country?

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    (Original post by Herr)
    I don't really need UK citizenship as I'm unlikely to ever return to UK to live. Swiss citizenship is mostly for the ease when it comes to running my businesses, otherwise you are normally viewed with suspicion so it makes it easier to convince someone to invest in my businesses or by my products and services.
    Then i guess relinquishing the UK citizenship for the Swiss one would be a better option. You're really a lucky dude!
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    Like: Education system, Fish and Chips, Football, our reputation for being "Royal" as well as reputation for the most prestigious uni's around the globe oh! and manners!

    Dislike: Chavs, Weather, Level of boredom.


    Like: Economy state, Food and drinks, The citizens, How cheap it is there

    Dislike: Scammers , Piracy, Pollution

    Overall, i prefer the UK
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    Someone else mentioned that the UK has a poor work ethic?

    Seriously? I have always thought that its the contrary, that the British took great pride in their work.
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    India (roots)
    the fact that there are no rules

    Ignorance that surrounds many people there
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    (Original post by fellowjoe)
    Someone else mentioned that the UK has a poor work ethic?

    Seriously? I have always thought that its the contrary, that the British took great pride in their work.
    imo, uk has a ok work ethic, americans work harder and chinese work harder than the americans, so it depends who you are comparing with
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    Im from Somaliland:

    -the weather
    -the houses
    -culture/fashion [diraac& MMG]

    -QALBIYOO [clan/tribe]
    -food [prefer english food anytime]
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    (Original post by Ayah)
    Im from Somaliland:

    -the weather
    -the houses
    -culture/fashion [diraac& MMG]

    -QALBIYOO [clan/tribe]
    -food [prefer english food anytime]
    What are the houses like?
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    (Original post by Ferdowsi)
    What are the houses like?

    ^Kinda like that above. i just love the way it is so different from houses in england, i did not like the toilet but the rooms and kitchen were different; that's what i loved about it
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    (Original post by Tomatochuckers)
    I think K'naan was Somali as well, that's another positive
    ooh i thought you said piracy not pirates.
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    dislike: the number of chavs and the general abundance of the great unwashed

    like: our history, our culture and our world standing
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    Like: Scenery, Culture, British comedy, Sports, History, Music, Food, London, Reputation

    Dislikes: Yobs
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    I'm from Germany.


    Cars (BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche...) and no speed limit on the Autobahn
    Beer and the Oktoberfest
    Football - I love our national team
    "the land of poets and thinkers" (Goethe, Schiller, Brothers Grimm...)
    The language!
    The food - proper bread, the different kinds of meat (sausages and Schnitzel)

    Some politicians
    Certain parts of our history (WW I and WW II)
    The school system and that it's bloody difficult to get into university these days...
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    Likes: culture and rich history
    Food that acctually have taste

    Dislikes: people in general but mostly those who are part of our messed up gouverment XD
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    Wales - The welsh language, everywhere. I have lived in Wales all my life, and when I see 'ARAF' on the roads, it never occurs to me to slow down.
    I never know what number of cashier I'm meant to go to in Boots before they read it out in English.
    I always miss the information on signposts because it's welsh alternative makes it crowded.

    I'm pretty sure there is no-one left in Wales that speaks Welsh exclusively, so they should really stop trying to revive a dying language.

    And the stereotype that we fiddle with sheep.
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    there's no such thing as a perfect place. perfect doesn't exist. i love my country
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    I've recently noticed a blatant lack of respect for service men and women. Not by everyone, but by a lot of people. Which is a shame.
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    - Politics.
    - Young peoples behaviour.
    - How small it is.
    - Nothing to do.
    - Driving age limit.
    - Insurance prices.


    - Health Care
    - Attitude towards benefits.
    - Accent (London)
    - Fashion
    - Crime Rate (In comparison to USA).
    - People seem respectful (most).
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    I'm half Scottish half English, but was raised in England soooo...


    Rich motorsport heritage
    Some of the greatest men and women come from here
    One of the leading education systems


    Lack of discipline (especially in schools and in younger people)
    Mediocrity is celebrated whilst the intellectuals are generally neglected
    Binge drinking culture
    Terrible TV (mostly)
    Unhealthy obsession with 'celebrities'
    Beaucracy and too much red tape
    Political Correctness
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    (Original post by Mazzini)

    Lots of old stuff (yes I am a history nut )
    That British etiquette which us posh people do it's hard to describe though

    Fish & chips
    The Daily Mail and other such tosh
    Edit: the EDL & hooliganism
    Edit: football
    Edit: expensive petrol
    Edit: teenage pregnancies
    Edit: Jeremy Kyle

    Call me bigoted if you want xD
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    American here (though I prefer to call myself Californian )

    Lots of natural beauty and a huge variety of it
    Some great cities
    Most people are genuinely nice and caring
    Pretty good college (aka Uni for you Brits) system
    Our diversity
    Wide range of options/paths to follow in life
    A lot of aspects of our culture
    The wide variety of food available
    Relative freedom (on a world-wide scale)
    The whole "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to the death to say it"
    How you can drive across the country and feel like you're in different worlds at different points
    Our National Parks

    Some of the backward-ass people
    Fox News
    How much politics and big money are intertwined
    Guns are legal
    All the obese people (though, not a ton where I live)
    The Deep South
    The hicks (aka chavs)
    Crime rate
    Much of our foreign policy
    Sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.


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