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The things you like or dislike about your own country?

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    (Original post by green chica)
    Some of the backward-ass people
    Fox News
    How much politics and big money are intertwined
    Guns are legal
    All the obese people (though, not a ton where I live)
    The Deep South
    The hicks (aka chavs)
    Crime rate
    Much of our foreign policy
    Sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.
    I am not American but I certainly agree with your dislike of Fox News! They are aweful!
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    (Original post by Cake Faced Kid.)
    Wales - The welsh language, everywhere. I have lived in Wales all my life, and when I see 'ARAF' on the roads, it never occurs to me to slow down.
    I never know what number of cashier I'm meant to go to in Boots before they read it out in English.
    I always miss the information on signposts because it's welsh alternative makes it crowded.

    I'm pretty sure there is no-one left in Wales that speaks Welsh exclusively, so they should really stop trying to revive a dying language.

    And the stereotype that we fiddle with sheep.
    There are Mainly older people in the North though. May I ask why you feel so strongly about the language?
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    income inequalities
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    I live in Canada.




    -maple-leaf flag
    -national anthem, "o, Canada"
    -Justin Bieber
    -Celine Dion
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    Like - The highlands, snowdonia, lake district etc.

    Dislike - Dystopian cities.
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    oh dear ... don't get me started on my country ... >_<
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    (Original post by AcesLacy)
    There are Mainly older people in the North though. May I ask why you feel so strongly about the language?
    If you visit the Welsh Society forum, there's a long paragraph about why I resent the language
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    (Original post by MDS3)
    I live in Canada.




    -maple-leaf flag
    -national anthem, "o, Canada"
    -Justin Bieber
    -Celine Dion
    Its funny how half of your sense of dissatisfaction towards Canada is directed towards its artistes. Hahaha
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    - Weather
    - Food & tapas culture
    - Football
    - History
    - People's temperament
    - Public transport efficiency in Madrid
    - Street drinking culture
    - Siesta

    -History (I both like it and dislike it at the same time)
    - Right-wing people
    - Bipartidism
    - Andalusian accent
    - Pollution
    - High buildings


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