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24 hopefully starting Ma in social work some advise about living out

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    Hi there,
    My names Gem and I am hoping to start a masters in social work this coming September either at LJMU/ MMU or Salford

    I am looking to move out while at university but I am worried about not knowing anyone. I did the whole move out with strangers when I was 18 and it was within a halls of residence.

    I'm worried this will be harder now i'm 24 and classed as a mature student? although i still feel about 18! lol.

    I was wondering if anyone had some advise for me

    sorry i posted this 2x i didnt notice there was a postgrad forum
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    You need to suck it up and move're not getting any younger.

    Join fb groups, check out the uni forums and make friends. I kinda feel the same about being nervous about being away from home - but tbh its perfectly normal give it a few weeks you wouldn't wanna move back home lolol
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    im not worried about living on my own, iv lived out quite a few times, im just worried about who i will end up living with as i dont want to be stuck with undergrads (no offence to them lol) or people who already know each other
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    Hey Gem, did you get a place at Salford? I'm starting my MA in social work there in Sept
Updated: June 21, 2012
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